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Turn you Straight 2

“Oh, she should do nicely!” I thought, as I left the girl I’d just possessed in the woods just off the path and wandered into the group passing along the walk. I jumped into the younger looking one of the 5, and told them I’d forgotten something at the dorm.
As I began to walk back towards the dorms and Jess, I contemplated how best to go after her/his orientation change. I had to force her body to respond to mine. Did that mean I needed to be more aggressive? Read more

Baiting Boys 2

It’s been almost 3 months since I got the SkinMorph device. I’ve made 14 different suits to fit my needs, all with interchangeable qualities.
At first I was just teasing the guys I knew with my new womanhood, without their knowledge of course, and turning them on before leaving them with one excuse after another. But that aching feeling I got when I touched my pussy hadn’t gone away, and it began to eat at me…
3 weeks after I’d been leading on my friends, I had a bit too much to drink. My best friend Todd it a good guy, and also happened to be who I was hitting on that night. I let me take me to his place, I was in no condition to get home on my own, and I couldn’t let him know my secret.
I woke up the next morning with an ache that had grown to a dull roar, and when I saw Todd making coffee, I has an irresistible urge to make out with him. From there, we explored every part of my new body, and I couldn’t get enough of it!
I soon began to go out with guys I didn’t know, and spent almost every waking minute in one of my suits. I had 3 blondes, 4 brunettes, a redhead, 2 Asian girls and 2 black girls. I have another suit of a high school-aged girl that I plan to use to get dirt on the principal at the local high school (I know he’s got a thing for them) and my last suit is currently in progress. It’s a really fat chick, I can’t wait to bring a guy home in a hot body, then switch before morning and see what happens!
For now, I’m just enjoying the ride…

Baiting Boys

I gave the mirror a quick glace. My hair was perfect, my boobs were quite inviting, and my lips… well, they brought the disguise together. Read more