Troublesome student

Mr. Stan Roberts just finished reading the last name of his students. Everyone seems to be present in the class, everyone except Kyle Sullivan. That boy was always making trouble so Mr. Roberts was glad about his absence.

In the middle of the class Kyle showed up. Without saying anything why he was late he went to his desk and sat down, putting his legs on the table. Mr. Roberts looked at him in shock. “Would you mind to tell us why are you late?” He asked but Kyle ignored him and put on his headphones. “Kyle Sullivan!” Mr. Roberts was getting angry. “Chill out old man. I’m here so that should matter” Kyle said and went back to listening to his music. “Thats It! You’re comming with me” Mr. Roberts shouted and took Kyle by his arm. He brought him out of the class room to meet the principal. On their way Kyle was muttering something. “What were you saying?” Mr. Roberts asked but Kyle continued. Suddenly Mr. Roberts felt a sharp pain. He fell on the ground, wincing his face in pain. Kyle was standing next to him with an evil smile. Mr. Roberts looked terrified at his hands, they were dainty, with his nails polished. His hair grew long, his whole body was becoming smaller and soon his chest started to swell. “Do something Kyle!” Mr. Roberts cried but Kyle only watched the changes. Soon Mr. Roberts could feel his manhood was gone, at this point he realized he is becoming a girl.
When the last change took place Kyle smiled widely. There where Mr. Roberts was standing a moment before now a cute girl was looking back at Kyle. She smiled and without saying a word took Kyle’s hand and guided him somewhere where they could have some privacy.

When they reached the place Kyle took off his clothes. The girl gazed at his manhood and knelt before him. She took his erected penis in her hand rubbing it a bit and then put it in her mouth. Kyle was amazed what she could do with her mouth. “That’s it baby, keep going” He couldn’t hold himself. “Just a little bit… Oh!” Kyle shot his cum in her mouth making her swallow it. “That was the best blowjob i ever recived” He said pulling up his pants. The girl looked at him with a wicked smile “I can do a lot more. Just come to me tomorrow and i will show you” She winked. Kyle finished to dress up and was ready to leave. “I sure will baby” He said and left. That magic spell he bought was really a great deal, even if he spend his whole money, it was worth it.


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