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Grumpy teacher. Part 1 of 3 (@Tgmaniac121)

Kyle was a 40 years old math teacher at a high school. He was grumpy and didn’t treat his students well. He hated this new genetation and wished everything could be like in the “good old times” when he was at school. He often picked on the students but this time he choose the wrong person. Linda and the rest of the girls decided to give him a lesson and used an old spell book. Kyle didn’t suspect a thing when the girls aproached him. Linda took the book and started to chant the spell. Kyle’s body started to change and in a few minutes the 40 years old man became a 14 years old girl. Read more

Troublesome student

Mr. Stan Roberts just finished reading the last name of his students. Everyone seems to be present in the class, everyone except Kyle Sullivan. That boy was always making trouble so Mr. Roberts was glad about his absence. Read more

Why her?

David looked in shock at his reflection in the mirror. He couldn’t belive the great shift had put him in the body of his student. Worse, from all the people it must have been Ashley, the spoiled rich girl and the reason David hated his job. Ashley was one of the popular girls. Her favorite activity was to take care of her look and making fun of others who didn’t belong into her world. David knew this was permament. He hoped he could be diffirent than her but he already realized that along with this body he gained a part of her mind and he did not want to keep up her reputation. Maybe with a bit of perseverance he will be able to keep his mind but there was also the issue of her keeping teenage hormones at bay. David had heard enough of the stories to know that Ashley liked to have some fun and he had no intentions to continue her work.