Get a kick

My mother has been having far too much fun lately, ever since she got ahold of that program. A few weeks ago I had found, through some strange dealings on the internet, a copy of Adobe Morph- a program that somehow allows the user to totally alter a subjects body, mind and life. I had no idea the program could do what it claimed until I tried it. My first change was giving myself purple hair. When it worked, and I actually had purple hair down to the root, I was beside myself with amazement. When I googled the program it didn’t appear to exist, so I was either crazy or I had stumbled upon some actual goddamn magic.

After a few experiments- making myself taller, buffer, black- I saw that I could actually copy and paste data from another person into my file. That afternoon my Mom wasn’t home and I had the house for myself, so I felt a little courageous and decided to try something. Long story short, I completely changed myself into Bradley Cooper just to see if I could, and I could. I posed in the mirror amazed at the power I now had. Possibilities ran through my head. I could do anything, from leading a successful life in crime, to becoming a celebrity. But I was a simple guy with simple desires, so I didn’t do anything too crazy.

One night, on a lark, I snuck out of the house with my Mom’s ID and credit card…not to mention her body, to go to the liquor store to stock up on booze. It was the first time I had used the program to become a woman, and needless to say it was strange. My clothes were tight, and my body felt swollen or missing in different places. It wasn’t my favorite experience, but I only planned on being in it for an hour tops. When I got back with a bag full of alcohol I was surprised to see my mother waiting for me in my bedroom, having found the program on my computer.

“Oh my god.” She said amazed, looking at me, a clone of herself.
“Mom, I can explain.” I assured her in her own voice. I set about showing her the program and demonstrating its capabilities, by changing back into myself.

“You could change your body with it too, not just mine.” I told her.
“That’s okay, I’d rather keep my body, but you don’t seem to have a problem messing with yours.” She said, deeply intrigued by the program. “On second thought, can you send me a copy of this? Maybe I’ll play around with it later.

I obliged her and apologized for stealing her credit card and buying the booze. She told me it was totally okay and I’d make it up to her. She even let me keep the booze.

Well, the next day I was lounging around the house when I suddenly found myself once again in my mom’s body, wearing a sundress and open toes sandals. I found her in her bedroom on her laptop giggling at the program.

“Um mom…” I said awkwardly, trying to ignore my body. “What’s up with this?”
“Oh nothing, I was just trying it out this program, it’s pretty neat huh?”
“Uh yeah, but I’d rather not be my own mom.”
“Uh huh. Hold on.” She said, clicking away at the screen. Suddenly I could feel my chest getting heavier than it already was. I looked down and saw the boobs on my chest nearly double in size.
“Mom!” I gasped. She started laughing as she saw the results- her body now adorned with two enourmous tits while it squirmed.
“Sorry hun, but wow! How do those feel?”
“Heavy! Can you change me back?”
“Relax I’m just having some fun.”

Well that was two weeks ago, and since then I’d been periodically changed into a copy of my mother. The next time she did it I tried to log into Adobe Change myself only to find that she’d changed the username and password so I was locked out. When I confronted her about this she told me that I’d get it back after I’d “made up for stealing her identity” that night. Well, that apparently entailed being repeatedly turned into my mother and altered for her own amusement. Like she had done with my, err, her breasts, she had messed with her hair, her clothes, her race, and I had to deal with all of it.

Today I was hanging out at home when I felt the familiar shift in gravity and bodily purportions. Coughing I heard my mom’s voice and knew she’d done it again. I sighed angrily as I went to find her to see what she was going to do this time, but I could already feel the answer before I’d found her. She made me thinner than she usually was, and he skin was darker. I felt my ass swell and soon struggled against the confines of the skirt I now wore. I could feel my underwear stretch and start to ride up my ass as I pulled the skirt up and looked back at my now huge rear. I hated the site of such a womanly ass on my body, as much as I hated the emptiness in my crotch or the bouncing on my chest. I wish my mom didn’t get such a kick out of watching me squirm in her body.


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