Trick question

So, one day my wife and I were just talking about our past. The people we used to date, and why we broke up. She knew that before I dated her, I used to date her cousin Amy. “so why did you break up with her?” she asked me. “The truth? well, I didn’t break up with her, one day out of the blue, she just broke up with me, she didn’t even say why” I answered.

“So, if she hadn’t broken up with you. You would have probably gotten married to her” she said. “Yes” I answered without much thinking. “Instead of me?” she continued. I just realized the mistake on the answer I just gave her. “No no, I mean probably, and you know, she is hot and all. But I am happy with you, happier than…” I hadn’t even finish talking “Oh really? you like her so much, that you might want to still be with her”. “No Kim, I love you” I said. “I hear you, but why don’t I believe you?”

The truth is that I always thought her cousin was a lot hotter than my wife, and if she hadn’t broken up with me, I am pretty sure I would have married her, and live a happy life. But I wasn’t going to tell that to my wife. “No answer!” Kim said “You know what? I shouldn’t have possessed Amy into breaking up with you”. Possess? what is she talking about? “but since I cannot change the past, and you like her so much, I can have you possess her body… forever…” I was still grasping the idea of what she was talking about, when Kim started to recite some foreign words.

A few seconds later, I was in Amy’s home. Did Kim actually sent me to Amy’s body? I looked in the mirror, and the reflection was of Amy. I couldn’t believe it. I felt some extra weight at my stomach, “oh shit”, I forgot Amy was more than 8 months pregnant. Kim wanted to punish me, but I was happy of being with Amy again. I just smiled at my reflection. “I aaam hoot” I said in a girly and sexy voice. My cellphone rang, it was Kim, I didn’t answer, actually, I avoided her for the rest of my life.

She just gave me the best gift ever. I wasn’t completely happy with my former life, and now, I have a new life, a child on the way, and a loving husband. I knew I would never get used to having sex from this perspective, but I can say that I did enjoy it, even if it was a little.


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