Change of mind, or not…

Jack Thompson had been convicted as a sex offender after a woman he had been dating changed her mind during sex and claimed he had gone too far. He argued that consent had been given so everything was legal. This failed to earn him any sympathy. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

An offer was made. He could go free with time served if he agreed to have his sentence commuted to a special type of parole. Even after he learned the details he thought he was getting off easy.

He now had the body of a woman and has been given a new identity as Hillary. She didn’t see what was so bad about this so called punishment. Then the urges started. At first they would pass after she spent some time exploring her sexy body. Then they got more persistent. Worse still she had yet to reach that plateau of pleasure that she expected to come with those urges.

She could barely keep her hands off her body as her mind gradually filled with thoughts of men doing to her what she had always enjoyed doing with women. Reaching the point where it was all she could think about, she had to go to a bar and let a man pick her up.

At first she was eager to put her body to use but just as they started to have sex all sense of arousal faded away. Holding to the belief that it was too late to back out now she had a mostly uneventful evening. It did stop the urges, for a while.

When the urges returned she found she could keep them away for a week a two. Apparently depending on how good the man was that picked her up. Though she never could tell from the experience if he was or not.

Despite having second thoughts each time she never did change her mind about having said yes.


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