Travel abroad

I was really excited about my upcoming vacations. I didn’t get paid very well at my job but i managed to save some money. It will be the first time in my life i visit a foregin country and i couldn’t stop thinking about it. When the day came i packed my stuff and took a taxi to the airport.

The place was amazing. It was so diffirent i couldn’t decide what i should try first. Since i was hungry i decided to check out the local food. When i got into a restaurant a waitress aproached me immidiately. “Congratulations! You are our lucky client of the month” She said. I looked at her, trying to understand what she means. She explained that once a month a lucky winner gets to eat here for free and it appears that this month i’m the winner. I couldn’t belive how lucky i was. I chose a table to sit down and took my order.
After stuffing myself with food i sat for a little while since i could barely move. The waitress came to me again and said they have something extra for me. Curious what it could be i got up and followed her. She guided me to a small, empty room. I looked around confused but before i could ask i felt something sting my neck. My body became numb and i fell on the floor.

I woke up in a dark room. I felt like i had the worst hangover in my life. I screamed for help but no one responded. I was alone and naked in a small, dark cell. From time to time someone came up with food and water. I asked this person who he or she was and what are they planing to do but the person didn’t spoke to me. I don’t know how many days i was trapped but it was hell. Everyday my body seemed to change in some way and everytime it was very painfull. I couldn’t see very well since it was dark but i knew my hair was getting longer, My chest was swelling and my manhood appeared to be getting smaller. At the point where i couldn’t feel my dick anymore and the mounds on my chest were pretty big i realized they must have changed me into a woman, Even my voice was now feminine.
One day i had enough. When they came with my meal i begged them to let me out. I said i will do everything just take me out from this small cell. Few minutes later they came back and took me. When my eyes adjusted to the light i could see my body for the first time. I had a pair of really nice breasts and my body had a feminine shape. Between my legs, just as i expected was a vagina, My frame was smaller but the biggest shock was when i saw my face. I couldn’t belive how cute it was.

My captors took me to their boss who offered me a deal. Of course i couldn’t refuse. After i agreed i was introduced to a cute redhead. Her name was Kat and she took care of my body. She cleaned me and did my hair and make up. After everything was finished She gave me my work uniform and a new name. From this day my name was Carol and i became a waitress.

First week was the worst. I hated to dress up in a mini skirt and walk on high heeled pumps but what choice do i had? I slowly adjusted to my new role. I know i won’t see my friends again but if i won’t obey my boss he will lock my up again. After two months i have mixed feelings. I hate when men stare at me, some of them even dare to pinch my ass but there is something inside me that enjoys it. I also have to offer something more than serving food and as much as i don’t want to i must say i really enjoy having sex as a woman. Recently i’ve been doing it alot since i became our client’s favorite girl. Other than that i’ve became good friends with the other girls working there. It appears they were all men like me before and there will be more to join us. Kat even let me to find a candidate. I must say i’m pretty excited but on the other hand i feel bad knowing what he will have to go through.


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