Time Travel Flaws

“I have just invented time travel. Day: March 20th, 1972 Time: 4:25pm Eastern Standard Time Place: My lab. Today you, whoever ends up watching this, will witness time travel. When I press this button, I shall be sent into the future, in this exact geographical location, and the camera will be here to see it. Here I go!”

The professor hit the button and saw a bright flash, he opened his eyes to find himself in a dorm room. An all-female dorm room. He didn’t even see his camera that was supposed to be recording it. The professor looked to his left to see a puppy calendar with the date June 16th, 2016 on it. He was in shock, he was supposed to be teleported to March 21st, 1972.

Then he realized his mistake, he would be sent through time to the same geographical location, but his body would be lost in space and time, leaving his body to wander into in time until another body landed in the same spot. Apparently the university had knowcked down his lab to make a new dorm, and this floor of the dorm happened to be all gorls. It finally made sense until he realized…… He was also a girl.

“Holy Crap!” she squealed in a high pitched feminine voice. She scurried to the floor’s bathroom mirror, and found out that she was gorgeous. Beautiful brunette to blond hair, perfect blue eyes, cute nose, and very kissable lips. She then felt fuzzy, and said, “I so wanna get a guy to kiss, maybe cuddle with, and like omg maybe even have sex tehehehe!”

The professor was gone, however Alyssa now had dreams that came now and then about time travel, and the 70’s, and an old and crazy professor….


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