I was out riding my bike when it stuck, Sudden Girl Syndrome. No one still knows the cause, or if there is a cure. You just suddenly become a girl. They say 99% of those who are affected by SGS have their libido and pleasure senses heightened. I can’t speak for other guys, but that’s definitely the case for me. I mean look at me, I had to rip off my clothes because I was so horny! This bike seat feels really good on my pussy, but somethings not quite right…The more I rub, the more my belly starts to ache, right under my belly button. I’m not really sure, but I think I want something inside of me.

No way, what am I saying? Not even 5 minutes ago I was a guy, and now all I can think about is taking a big fat cock inside my pussy. Oh god…I’m getting so wet just thinking about it. If only someone would pass by right now, preferable someone with a big cock…


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