Three on one

I knew my girlfriend Amy was kinky, but I was surprised when she told me we should have a three one. I pretended not to like the idea, but I agreed.

And let me tell you, when her two friends showed up, I felt so turned on, they were almost as hot as my girlfriend. “They are Rebecca and Emily” my girlfriend say. “So, lets do this” Rebecca said.

They started kissing each other, I felt left out. I walked to Amy and kissed her. “No, not yet. You are not ready” she said. I took of my clothes and sat on the edge of the bed. “well… this sucks” I thought. Then, Amy kissed my shoulder, Rebecca grabbed my other shoulder. They both pulled me into bed “finally” I thought. They started kissing my chest. For some reason Amy kept slapping my chest, like if she was waiting for something to pop.

I then felt Emily, she was giving me a blowjob. My whole thing was inside her mouth. She kept sucking, I kept on cuming. A few minutes later I felt her tongue inside me. How could that be? I thought. I then felt Rebecca sucking on my nipples. I moaned. Amy, licked my right breast and slapped it again. “Now you are ready”. I was moaning the whole time.

I didn’t know why I had breasts, part of me wanted to say “stop it! I am a man!”. But the truth was this has been the best night ever, I didn’t want them to stop. I just wanted to enjoy my first moments as a woman. I will never go back. “I think, next time, Kimberly would love sex with a man” I knew Amy was talking about me, and she was right. I was having sex with three women, but all I could think of was having straight sex.


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