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Unexpected scene

After a long day of work, I finally got home. As I openned the door, I found an unexpected scene taking place right there on my living room. One girl licking another girl while fingering another one. It was a sublime scene to find, and inside my own appartment. I wondered how was this possible?, who are these girls? and what had happened to my roommates? But that’s when I saw a few cards lying on the floor. Read more


One minute I was sitting at work. Working on the usual stuff. When I felt an electric shock pass through me. I thought I was dead. But in reality I had just shifted. I don’t know how, but I was transfered into another body. I was now inside the body of a blonde girl. I was in a red dress, heels and a black jacket sitting in a bench at the park. I looked around trying to find out more about me. But I looked down, and saw a man, he was kneeling, apparently, this guy was proposing when I shifted bodies. I had to pretend being her while I got everything sorted out. So I said yes. Read more

The perfect plan

I had formulated the perfect plan, I would possess Amy’s body, break up with her boyfriend, leave a bunch of subliminal messages bout me at her appartment, go back to my body, ask her out, date her, and so on. I prepared the spell with extreme care and perfection. I turned on the candles and casted the spell. I saw my body turn into a bluish hue and transparent. I was now for all intents and purposes a ghost. Read more


It happened two years ago. After meeting a girl at a bar, I invited her over, and she gave me a blowjob. I didn’t know what was about to happen, but she sucked my manhood, and a matter of minutes, she turned me into a blonde bimbo. I wasn’t upset at all. I knew exactly what had happened, it was a gift. She had chosen me carefully, and she decided I had to be one of her sisters. Read more

Three on one

I knew my girlfriend Amy was kinky, but I was surprised when she told me we should have a three one. I pretended not to like the idea, but I agreed. Read more