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Magic Breasts

Have you ever heard of a magic cock? Yeah it sounds like one of those weird urban legends where a man can turn anyone who sees their cock into a cock sucking slut, but did you ever think about what the female version of that would be? Read more

Saturday Night

So, Larry and I were just sitting around on Saturday night. He said, “this is pretty lame.” I said, “Yes it is. At least if we were women we would have dates.” Read more

Unexpected scene

After a long day of work, I finally got home. As I openned the door, I found an unexpected scene taking place right there on my living room. One girl licking another girl while fingering another one. It was a sublime scene to find, and inside my own appartment. I wondered how was this possible?, who are these girls? and what had happened to my roommates? But that’s when I saw a few cards lying on the floor. Read more

The foursome

I was out of town. I was sent to the best places on earth, but sadly I was sent there for work. I couldn’t believe it, the beach was full of really hot girls, but I were to be at the office 20/7, and the remaining 4 hours, I would sleep at my hotel room. Read more

Too late to get away

“Let me go” I yelled. But it was too late, the two unknown girls at my friend’s appartment had grabbed both my arms. They dragged me all the way to their bedroom. There, they stripped me naked, and after both of them giving me a blowjob. That didn’t sound too bad I guess, but they had more than sex in mind. They started fingering each other, and when they were wet, and their hands dripping they started touching my equipment. I felt how it just disappeared. Read more

Three on one

I knew my girlfriend Amy was kinky, but I was surprised when she told me we should have a three one. I pretended not to like the idea, but I agreed. Read more