All tied up

“My wife won’t let you go with it” I said as she gagged me. “Of course she will, this was her idea. When I told her how you were always smacking me and trying to sleep with me. She told me to do this”.

I was gagged, and tied up. And that wasn’t the worst part, I was dressed in a french maid outfit. I could see my new breasts poking out of my dress. I wanted to resist the changes. “When I am done with you, you’ll be the best maid ever. Well, second best, right after me” She said while pressing her fingers against my nipples. I felt an orgasm. I was wet, it felt great but I wanted to hate it. “Where do you think I come from?” she asked me, “well, what do you think happened to your wife’s first husband?” she smiled.

“It is not so bad, we can sleep with anyone we want, except our ex-wife’s new boyfriend” she said. She then started fingering me “Oh your wet! Don’t you want something big inside of you?” she said. She was right, I couldn’t think straight anymore. I didn’t feel like a man, I was a woman.

“Kim, are you ready?” she asked me. I nodded. After that she untied me. Our master, Amy, showed up, “Oh I see the new maid is ready. But she can’t stay here. I think she can go work for my exhusband’s friend James”. I was happy, I knew James was single, maybe I can stop being a maid and marry him. If not, sex with him will suffice


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