Son’s first birthday

Aron knew something is wrong when he woke up on the couch in an unfamiliar apartament. Everything felt out of place especially his body. The teenage boy almost had a panic attack when he found out he is now an adult woman.He was so confused that it took him a few minutes until he noticed that there is a baby crying. He followed the noise and found a little baby just about few days old. He tried to calm it but nothing worked. After a dozen of failed efforts Aron noticed his breasts were all swollen. “Here goes nothing” Aron sighted revealing one of his breasts and put it into it’s mouth.
It worked. The baby calmed down after feeding it. Later when he put the baby back to sleep he used this occasion to search around the house for some clues of who is this person. Her name was Samantha Jones. She was a 30 years old single mother who just few days ago gave birth to her son Martin. Aron didn’t have any idea how to get back his body so he had to go along with this life. It was tougher than he imagined. A life of a working woman raising a baby was to much for a 16 years old boy. Hard time at work and sleepless nights were exhausting him, but he couldn’t leave the baby, little Martin didn’t do anything wrong to deserve a life without a mother.
Eventually Aron was getting better at this. He got used to a woman’s body and started to care about her son. Either by his hormones or all the bonding time he accpeted Martin as his own son and himself as a mother.

A year later Samantha was happy with her life. It was her son’s first birthday and she made sure everything will be fantastic. She made decorations and invited her friends and familly. It was also the first time she had an occasion to dress up so well. She felt beautifull and satisfied. If she had a choice to go back to her old life she would refuse. Although she could use a man in her life. Martin would definitely need a father, and a caring husband for her would be appreciated.


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