This Can’t Be Happening

It all started when I started cheating on my girlfriend, I know i shouldn’t have but the other girl had such a nice body. I felt guilty and I wanted to do anything to pay her back for what I did. I was trying to figure out a way to tell her one night. All of the sudden she bursts into the room with a sexy outfit on that held in her huge D cup breasts. I lusted over them as they bobbed when she approached me. She had in her small hands two champagne glasses for us. I took a sip as she did the same.

She giggled a little bit as I sipped the drink, I noticed her grinning at me as I took another sip. I asked her “What is it babe?” She said, “Oh nothing, you just look cute when you drink that.” I downed the drink as she kissed my neck and started rubbing my dick. She was upon me in no time, climbing over on top of me and riding my dick as her huge tits bounced. That was my favorite feature of her’s, they were so full and perky. I noticed a weird feeling overtake me as she looked into my eyes, waiting for me. I felt so alien as my orgasm slowly built, the bed beneath me felt so much softer and smoother. My arms and legs felt weaker and as I looked at them, they looked much thinner. She noticed me looking and stuffed her breasts in my face and forced me to suck her tits.

Suddenly something happened and I immediately came inside her, she grinned as she wrapped her legs around me and gripped my body. She pulled closer to my body as I was overcome with a powerful strange force. I gasped as it centered right in my crotch. A wet ache blurred my senses, especially in my pelvis. I screamed as I felt my very being become unmistakably female. I looked directly down to see the vagina I knew I just grew. She laughed as I cried in horror and begged her to stop. She let me out of her grip as I rolled over. Everything felt different, my body was so small. Unmeasurable pain struck my chest as my favorite part of her began to become my favorite part. My senses dulled, I grasped the skin in the area and moaned as they grew beautifully on my chest. “Bigger! Bigger!” I screamed as they filled past the size of my girlfriend. She gasped in jealously as I stuck them out proudly. I looked over at her, she was much taller and bigger than me.

She screamed as my dick grew out of the black lingerie she had on. I couldn’t believe my eyes as her breasts grew smaller and dissapeared. Wetness grew in my new pussy as I felt my ovaries forming deep inside me. I felt so good and warm as my insides became more girly. As my former girlfriend changed, I felt my back snap as I was forced formard and my ass jutted out. It began to obnoxiously fill with warm fat that made me wet as it grew bigger.

I closed my eyes for one second and moan like I never have before in ecstacy, right then I feel something force inside me. She stuck her dick in me as pleasure filled every pore in my body. My eyes watered as she fulng me on top and I rode her dick. I wanted this so badly, I held my new tits as they bounced. I loved them, they are so full and perky.


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