My friends John and James were always talking about lesbians. How hot they were, how much of a turn on was to see them make out. I do find them hot, but I would rather talk about straight girls, you know, girls I can date. I don’t know how I had forgotten about it, but one day, while cleaning my room I found my old notebook. “Oh, the adventures I used to have with it” I said to myself.

I went to the living room, where James and John were playing videogames. As usual, they were talking about lesbians. And that’s when I realized how much better it would be to have lesbians as roommates than them. I openned the notebook to the last written page. “John and James are now my two lesbians roommates Jane and Amy”. I saw them transform, it took less than a second. John was now a red head girl, and James a blonde. The controller in Jane’s hand transformed into a book, and Amy wasn’t holding anything at all. Amy started giving Jane a back massage, they started kissing. I felt uncomfortable watching them make out.

I then wrote on the notebook, “I wish lesbians didn’t make me uncomfortable”. I felt goosebumps. I then looked at my roommates, we weren’t in our living room anymore, we were at their room. They were making out infront of me. Jane was holding Amy’s breasts. “Care to join us?” I sure did, I dropped the notebook. and walked towards them. I wasn’t much of a lesbian, I love men, but I guess some experimenting won’t do any harm. I got naked and started licking Amy, while Jane licked my own pussy. “We love you Kim” Amy said. I wanted to say “me too” I couldn’t stop moaning.


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