The Stickers

I ran into Jonathan’s room as soon as he left for his road trip. There it was, the safe! I approached the safe with caution so that I don’t move anything else in his room. I started to turn the dial: 23-11-49… Click! The safe’s lock unlatched and its door popped open a little. I knew it! Of course that wasn’t any random number on that sticky note! They were the numbers for the safe!

I laughed maniacally. His secret will be mine! There was a reason for my rush of joy. Jonathan, my roommate, was a chill, relaxed kind of guy. Always kind and thoughtful, good guy overall. However, he would go insanely infuriated if I even attempted to disrupt his ‘private time’. All I did was knock on the doors to check on him, but he kicked the door back without answering. Only after two hours later or so he crawled out from his room looking exhausted, and ranted about me disturbing his private time two hours ago. Such instances happened few times throughout the year, and so I became morbidly curious. What was Jonathan hiding in his room? Of course that’s when I noticed the safe in the room. At first I had given up on discovering his secret, well, that was until I found the sticky note with the numbers and the opportunity in which Jonathan would be away from the house for days, or weeks even.

I opened the safe in a slow and steady motion, and peeked inside. Inside the safe was a folded paper. One single folded paper inside the entire safe. I pinched the edge of the paper and opened it. The paper was dotted with various shape of stickers–heart shape, star shape, circle shape… And a poorly drawn human figure with hearts for his nipples. It was strange. What was the purpose of these stickers? Upon closer inspection of the paper, I found out there was a fine print at the end of the paper: Do not place more than 5 patches at once. If overdosed, call Lummy. Have fun, with Love.

Huh. I pondered for moment what that might meant. Then, the idea hit me. It’s a drug! Recreational drug at that. One of place-on-your-skin patches to get high or something in that line. It explained Jonathan’s behaviors too. Didn’t want me to find out his drug habit.

Of course, my curiosity being sated, my best course of action would have been to place the paper back inside the safe and leave the room as it was. However, there were a lot of stickers on the paper. Couldn’t hurt to try, huh? I thought. Maybe I’ll glue the used patches back onto the paper, and Jonathan will think he just got some defective, ineffective patches. It was a perfect plan! These stickers–or eh, patches–didn’t look legitimate anyway.

So, I brought the paper back to my room, and took my shirt off. I assumed the poorly drawn human figure on the paper is an instruction on where to apply the stickers. So, I followed the instruction and placed the heart-shaped stickers onto my nipples.

As soon as I placed the heart-shaped stickers onto my nipples, I felt a strange jolting sensation running down through my spine. Ah, it’s the drug kicking in! I thought. And it was, although, to my surprise, for an unexpected effect. My body and skin felt smooth–very smooth, and I felt my hairs tickling on shoulders. I thought I was hallucinating hairs since such sudden growth didn’t make any sense. While I was distracted with my elongated hairs, my breasts began to expand rounder, softer, and prettier. When I noticed the weight on my chest and looked down, I couldn’t call my breasts anything but girl’s tits. Ah! I screamed and out came a high-pitched voice of a girl, which happened to be mine.

It took minutes to digest the information, but it appeared that these stickers transformed me into a girl! Even down there. I ran to the bathroom and saw a busty girl staring back at me behind the mirror. Huh. My hands went for the boobs, and the girl inside the mirror didn’t resist a bit, if you know what I mean. I started to fondle them, and it felt good. Great. Amazing, actually. For a second I was worried how I would return to my old self, but recalled Jonathan locking himself in for two hours exactly–so I guessed that’s how long the transformation last.

I played with myself for quite awhile, but then I became curious yet again. If heart-shape stickers can change you into a girl, what can the other stickers do? I couldn’t stop myself from trying, and with a little thought given, placed a star-shaped sticker onto my face. Yet again, there was a jolting sensation running through my brain.

Now, I started to touch myself while thinking of Jonathan, my boyfriend. Without him making love to me like he always do, I felt lonely and bored. Two weeks of road trip? Without me, his girlfriend? It was unacceptable! I thought. “Jon, Jon…” I moaned and repeated his name as my dainty fingers dug deeper inside me. I prayed the time flies fast so that he comes back to me soon.


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