The soap

John was taking a shower, and he realized he has no soap, so he used the his sister’s soap, the smell was amazing, after he rubed his whole body with the soap, he started to notice his skin so soft and smooth especially in his chest, he started to fondle his chest, while two mounds of flesh where growing under his hands, when they where like perfectly firm and full DD breasth he yelled with a girly voice, he knew her sister was a witch but who could think she could use a curse on her own soap.

John: “Gosh!! Wendy!! this is your fault! come here and releases the curse i have a football match this evening!!”

Wendy laughing loudly: ” Is all your fault, the soap has a label to avoid this stuff, isn’t my bussines if you didn’t look at it, but don’t worry it is not permanent only last for 24 hours, so if u wanna go to the football match i could give you one of my cheerleader outfit, its a perfect fit besides your huge boobs, they could burts in my tiny top.


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