It’s Friday

Jack told a girl at the office Alana, to shake her tits it’s Friday, being rude to her. She had pushed away his advances before, and now had enough. She pulled a wishing coin out of her purse, and wished he would pay. Suddenly Jack was at a dance club with a huge pair of boobs on his chest and a shirt that said, “Shake your tits its Friday!!”.

He was in the middle of pulling up his shirt to expose those breasts when the change took place, and as he realized what was going on, he had his huge boobs exposed to the club! They were calling him Jackie, and telling him to have another shot, so she would show her boobs to all! Jack freaked out, trying to cover up, and raced for a bathroom.

He went to the men’s room, and was stunned at his new looks, he was a busty female version of himself. Then a few men came in catcalling him, as he was in the wrong bathroom for his new body! Jack, now Jackie would have a lot to get used to now, the change was permanent, and Jackie would find she would now be the center of attention, male attention, back at the office, or anywhere she would go now!


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