The Sanskrit Spellbook: Pt VI

Adam barely required any convincing this time to help me finish this. Just a few moments of me slowly grinding my ass over his dick, which was fast returning to form for the fourth time that night. Without any warning, he grabbed my hips and thrust into me.

I had some more dirty talk prepared for him to get him going. I really was getting better at it, just getting caught up in the moment and letting my inhibitions run wild. When I opened my mouth for it, however, all that came out was a sharp gasp, followed by a loud jubilant moan. I began to squeal and scream as he pounded away at me. Every now and then I managed an “Adam,” but that was about the extent of it. Beyond that, I couldn’t seem to get my mouth to work right. Not that it mattered. Anything I had to say was to get Adam to believe I was his little slut. Right now, I seemed to have that taken care of on my own.

The sensation caught me completely off guard. I know I wasn’t expecting anything bad. I used to always hear people say they got “fucked in the ass” when they were talking about something terrible, but after my last two romps tonight, I knew that getting fucked again would be a treat no matter how we did it. Still, nothing could have prepared me for this. The thrill alone of being absolutely man handled was overpowering. Adam was throwing me around like it was nothing, driving that thing into me like a machine. But even that thrill paled in comparison to the feeling in my body. The intense heat filling my body, pulsing out from the booming pleasure in my loins. I was convinced I was riding the peak of an orgasm, right up until the first one hit. Again, I was completely unprepared. My arms collapsed out from under me, and I fell right on my tits, ass still in the air.

I must have made a sight for Adam, gasping for air with my eyes rolling into the back of my head. It must’ve been a good one two, because in less than a minute, he had pulled out and was spraying his hot cum across my back.

He rolled me to face him as I struggled to catch my breath. “Julie? How are you feeling?”

How was I feeling? I was in heaven! I was the most alive I’d ever felt. Lot stopping to answer, I grabbed him behind his neck and pulled him down on top of me, sliding his penis back into my waiting pussy. That fertility spell must have done a number on both of us, because he was completely ready. I let out a delighted scream as he began to thrust again, as I wrapped my legs tight around his waist. “I fucking love you” I moaned into his ear.

We fucked on autopilot for what must have been hours. I raked my nails down his back and he threw me across the bed, before diving on me again ferociously. I lost track of how many orgasms I had, or that Adam had for that matter. All that mattered was that they were still coming. Just when I would think we were finally done, he would pick me up and pin me against the wall, or I would throw my ankles behind my head and lick my lips invitingly.

The sky was already growing light again by the time we slowed down for real. We lay completely spent in each other’s arms, soaked in sweat and each other’s fluids. “Do you want a shower? I think that was actually it this time.” He broke the silence to ask.

“Do we have to? You have no idea how great this is in your arms right now.”

“I guess not.” We lay there just silently staring into each other’s eyes for a long while. Suddenly, I realized my eyes were closed, I must have started to drift off. I felt Adam playing with my hair, and heard him whisper, “I love you Julie.”

I knew then there was something important I had been forgetting. Right! The spell! Wasn’t it supposed to work by now? We’d done everything Adam said after all. Maybe there was some time limit, or maybe it required a night’s sleep for the effects to take hold. Adam would know. “Adam?” I waited for him to look down at me, and smiled, “I love you too.”


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