The Sanskrit Spellbook: Pt V

As I felt the afterglow of my orgasm fade, I started to come back to my senses. If I wanted the spell to work, I had to keep up the momentum. Plus, this body wasn’t giving any arguments against a little more play.

I gave Adam an anticipatory look, grinning, and rose myself up on all fours. “Well babe,” I cooed almost mockingly, “can you think of anything we haven’t done yet?” I made sure he had a good view of my ass as I swayed it back and forth. I prepared myself for him to take me, and waited for what felt like an eternity. Impatiently, I looked back over my shoulder. “Babe,” I bit my lip “I need you.”

He was still laying where I’d left him, staring at me in astonishment. “Oh god, you’re unstoppable. But I think I’m done for a little while. Why don’t we just take –“

“Oh no you’re not,” I cut in. He knew good and well how much I needed him to get me off. “You’re not done until I say so.” I said it to be intimidating, but from the stiffness in Adam’s cock it must have had other effects. “Now then, just in case you need any reminders what we’re here for…” I started stroking his cock with one hand, letting the other skim down his muscled body as I scooted myself back in between his legs.

I was still thinking of what exactly I was going to do when I realized I was running my tongue up slowly from the base of his dick. I blew softly on the tip, still wet from our previous encounter, and was delighted to hear a deep intake of breath from my partner’s mouth. I raised my eyes locking eyes with him, and said “and just because I love you, I’ll take this slow.”

True to my word, I slowly enveloped his massive manhood in my mouth. This second blowjob was similar to the first, but also different. When Adam first grabbed my head and fucked my mouth, it certainly made my heart beat quicker. However, now he was simply playing with my hair as I slowly worked my magic, and it produced a similar sensation. I felt a definite rush centered in my chest, but lighter than before. As I caught him whispering “oh my god,” the rush was met with a swell of pride.

Also new, I noticed what must have been a result of our past lovemaking session. My pussy was dripping wet, still aching for attention. I tried to slyly move a hand down there, but Adam caught me. “Please, let me” he said, before slipping two fingers inside me. Either I was embarrassingly sensitive, or he really knew what buttons to press. I let out a girlish squeal and smiled at him with my eyes while he massaged my clit with his thumb.

It seemed like we had barely just gotten started when I first felt him twitch in my mouth. Looking up at his face, I could barely see his chin with the way his head was thrown back. He let out a soft warning “Drew…” and I knew what was coming. I pushed my head back down, and began to swallow his seed. This time I was prepared, and was sure to get it all down. As if on cue, my own body gave way to absolute bliss. I felt a new orgasm crash over me as I gushed onto Adam’s hand

Once I’d gotten myself off his dick and was through moaning like a whore, I looked up at him. “Now, that didn’t feel like you were done, did it. So, like I was saying,” I said, guiding his hands to my ass.

“Wow, you’re really set on this, aren’t you.”

“You bet. Oh, and one more thing. I think until this is all over, you’d better call me Julie.”


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