Just a little longer

“Something is wrong, Amy. I should have changed back by now,” said John huskily, as Amy continued to rub her hands across his supple body.

“Shush, quiet now. I am sure everything is fine. Let’s just enjoy the time we have left before you change back, ” said Amy as she continued to caress his body.

Amy grabbed his breast firmly with her left hand, gently teasing his clit with her nimble right hand. She carefully studied his face as she continued to pleasure him. He gasped audibly and she smiled, knowing that her plan had worked and John was adequately distracted.

John had no idea that Amy had switched the antidote to the gender changing potion with water. The vendor had told them the solutions had no taste and it took quite a while for the concoctions to have an effect. He had also warned them not to stay changed for too long or the effects would be permanent. She had honestly planned for just a short tryst with her friend, but after John changed she discovered that his body was just too perfect and the sex was just too good. She could not give him up. She just had to keep him distracted for a little while longer and then John would be trapped in that body, her perfect lover forever.

John gasped again, louder this time, and tightly gripped Amy’s shoulder. God, she loved that sound. It got her so excited. Amy knew he was close to another orgasm. John’s new female body was so sensitive, so eager. Amy didn’t think it would be hard to keep John occupied for the little remaining time his body needed to stabilize into its female form forever. In fact, she was looking forward to it.


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