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Swapper for Hire

I was beginning to think that Nate might be the one. Every moment I spend with him only makes me more certain of that fact. He can help me up when I’m in down, and is the first person I want to share my joy with. And the way he makes love to me is absolutely indescribable. I never thought I’d ever openly admit that, and I certainly never thought I’d be happy about it. Let me explain. Read more

Misuse of Magic

Finding a spell book at an old used book sale had been a welcome surprise. My friend Andrew and I just needed to get our hands on it and check it out. Who would have thought that it would have been so expensive? In all the stories, the sellers have no idea what they’ve got. Not feeling like coming up with almost three grand a piece, we satisfied ourselves by taking a load of pictures with Andrew’s phone. Read more

Strange Taste in Music

Ugh, Mat has the weirdest taste in music. It was nice of him to lend me his ipod while I tanned, but what even is this stuff he put on for me. I guess it was OK as a relaxation mix, but these titles are absurd. “Malleability of the Mind,” “Let the Brain Sculpt the Body,” “Forging of a Goddess,” “Remembering the You that always was,” it just goes on and on and on. Read more

Not a Costume Party

My friends and I had been obsessed with going to one of the basketball teams parties since we got to school. They were legendary across campus, and the standard all other parties were compared to. Trouble was, we were never invited. That changed tonight, though. It was Halloween. We’d show up in costume, and by the time anybody asked any questions we’d already be inside. My friends went to pick out the costumes while I got the booze. I told them grab me something and I’d pay them back later. That cost me; they wound up tossing me a sexy maid costume hours before the party. Well, I’d show them. This might work in my favor actually. I’m quite proud of my physique, and this showed a lot of skin, not to mention a pretty decent sense of humor. Read more

Defense Serum

My trip to the tour the local research laboratory had been a lot more interesting than I’d thought going into it. I’d been picturing a bunch of empty corridors with stressed out researchers gazing at algae under microscopes behind closed doors. Instead, they had a spacious atrium absolutely packed with astonishing projects that I didn’t even think was possible. There was an invisible jet, headphones that wirelessly beamed music straight into your head, and a giant tractor beam elevator straight out of Star Trek. I was blown away by all of it. I was even able to take home some of their defense serum. Read more

Playing Chicken

We hadn’t known what we were messing with when we found it. It looked like a cheap fake gem you’d expect to see in prop pirate treasure, much too large an gaudy for anybody to actually wear unironically. When I best to pick it up, I realized it definitely wasn’t fake. It was much to hard and hefty to be any sort of glass or plastic, and way it reflected the light was wholly unlike anything I’d seen before. I realized this was definitely intended to be shown off. Maybe it would look better on a chain? Read more

Guy Stuff

It had been an innocent little joke. “What are you a guy or something?” But my friend, April, hadn’t enjoyed it. Read more

Sent to a New School 2: Looking for Results

I was slated to leave for this new school only 2 days after my appointment with the doctor. Needless to say, it was emotional. It being a boarding school, I had to say goodbyes to all my friends and family with incredibly short notice. Worse yet, our term lasted into early august. I might be back for a week before everybody left for college. My band was bummed, but tried to make light of it. “Damn, we just lost our main attraction. We might need to hold auditions for a chick just to get somebody who can hit your notes, haha.” I winced. If I hadn’t caught this sooner, they wouldn’t have needed to bother. Read more

Sent to a new school

Watching your parents get divorced is tough. Mine split while I was 13, and I hated it. But after a while, you stop wanting them to get back together, and just want them to be happy with somebody. My mom didn’t take long to do just that, but my dad was really beat up over the whole thing. It wasn’t until my junior year of high school that he finally met Courtney, who would eventually become my step-mom. Read more