The Sanskrit Spellbook: Finale

I worked myself into the dress and made the last finishing touches on my makeup. ‘Perfect,’ I thought, finally content with my look for the evening. Now to get the opinion that really matters.

I strode out of the bathroom. “Babe, what do you think?” I did a quick twirl.

Adam stood with his jaw hanging open for a few seconds, before I crossed my arms and began tapping my foot in mock irritation. “You look phenomenal, Jules. There won’t be a guy there who doesn’t wish that he had met you first.” He really could be a sweetheart when he tried to be. That was one of my favorite things about him.

“Thanks, but you know even if I met them first, I’d still have been waiting for you.” I pulled him down for a kiss, something that was markedly easier with my heels on. I wasn’t joking either. Any guy who could do the boyfriend stuff half as well as Adam was way too worried about breaking me to do what he does in the bedroom. And anybody even close to his skill in that department would be sneaking out the door before our third fuck, if they even lasted that long.

My phone buzzed. “That’s our ride, come on! I can’t wait, thank you so much for agreeing to this!”


Adam looked at Julie, still in astonishment at what he’d pulled off. It seemed like way longer than just two weeks ago she’d actually been his roommate Drew.

When he’d first found that spell and accidentally transformed Drew into this gorgeous creature, he knew he had to do whatever he could to keep her around. Still Drew had been too clever for him, and hit him with a truth spell before he could cast any of the really serious magic to cement the change. He’d had to be creative to get what he wanted.

He quickly realized that he couldn’t lie outright, but that didn’t mean he had to be too truthful. He just had to make sure that the truth he told wasn’t the same truth Drew heard. He let him know he’d found a spell that was made to set things back to normal. And he had.

See, the ancients had made this spell to cure people who’d been possessed by dark spirits. They would gather the whole village around to cast it. The magic in the air would take a reading of the possessed’s peers in the village, and figure out what normal was. Then it would set to work changing them back, leaving only the smallest traces of the spirit’s work. Since Drew was the only woman in the room, the normal he returned to would be entirely determined by his actions.

The rest had been simple. He let Drew know that the spell would work if they orgasmed and shared fluids. That much was true. It was far from a requirement, but it wouldn’t interfere with the spell at all. Then he let Drew fill in the blanks at what they must do. He finally let Drew know exactly how to turn him on. Even without the truth spell, there had been no reason to lie about that.

By the end of the night it was clear Drew had created quite the spitfire of a persona for himself, christening her new form Julie. Adam was happy to oblige, still in shock that his plan had worked. The following two weeks had brought a few shocks for Adam. Firstly, while telling Drew to behave like his girlfriend had caused the outside would to always remember him as Julie like he’d hoped, she still seemed to remember Drew as well. Still, she seemed just as happy with the way things had worked out as he was. Secondly, he wasn’t prepared for how much she was going to commit to the role of his ideal woman when she was “trying out” for her new identity. He might have gone too far with his directions to her, because she was an absolute tigress in the bedroom. With a start he realized she had been talking for the past minute and he was totally zoned out.

“And Amy and Chris learned last winter, and now they go out every Tuesday night to show it off. She still can’t stop raving about it. Ooh, and we’ll be able to impress everybody at the next wedding we get invited to! Oh god, Adam, you have no idea how excited I am to have a big stud like you teaching me ballroom dancing!” She swooned. “And, you know, if neither of us can pick it up, I can always slip out the back and drag you off to the men’s room.”

Yeah, he may have gone too far. And seeing the passion in her eyes, he was so glad he did.


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