The Ring 5

Sam was back to his original form walking down the street when Jack the neighborhood bully had wanted to start beating up on Sam. Jack was a meathead jock who played football for college and loved to pick on people smaller than him. He was about to pick on Sam when Sam used the ring to make Jack invite him home. At Jack’s home, Sam proceeded to change Jack into a blonde bombshell he saw on Jack’s magazine in the hallway. He gave him fake tits, flowy blonde hair and the horniness to match. Sam proceeded to shapeshift into Jack’s muscular body and even gave himself a bigger dick, enhanced stamina and the ability to cum multiple times without exhaustion. Jack in his blonde bombshell body was made to service Sam who had assimilated Jack’s life for the moment. He made it so that Jack would not want anything else but to have Sam’s enhanced dick in his pussy and that was how he had his way with Jack who became his sex slave on call.


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