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The Ring 5

Sam was back to his original form walking down the street when Jack the neighborhood bully had wanted to start beating up on Sam. Jack was a meathead jock who played football for college and loved to pick on people smaller than him. He was about to pick on Sam when Sam used the ring to make Jack invite him home. At Jack’s home, Sam proceeded to change Jack into a blonde bombshell he saw on Jack’s magazine in the hallway. He gave him fake tits, flowy blonde hair and the horniness to match. Sam proceeded to shapeshift into Jack’s muscular body and even gave himself a bigger dick, enhanced stamina and the ability to cum multiple times without exhaustion. Jack in his blonde bombshell body was made to service Sam who had assimilated Jack’s life for the moment. He made it so that Jack would not want anything else but to have Sam’s enhanced dick in his pussy and that was how he had his way with Jack who became his sex slave on call.

The Ring 3

Hours later, Tom had to leave for work hesitantly. Sam still in Tammy’s shapeshifted form figured he’d shapeshift into Tom so that he could have his way with the real Tammy. He lost his double D’s and bubble butt and in seconds he looked exactly like Tom down to his farmer’s tan and well hung dick. He gave himself more girth and stamina and enhanced his sexual prowess to be able hit all the right spots. He picked some of Tom’s clothes and waited for Tammy to get home from work. When Tammy arrived home wearing her tight mini dress, Sam as a shapeshifted Tom waited for her in the garage. When their eyes met, the ring filled Tammy with lust and Sam realized that he could actually shapeshift Tammy to his desires as well. He enhanced her tits so that they felt natural but were still D’s, trimmed her waist and gave her a bubble butt so perky you could pop your beer on them as you were doggy styling her. They started kissing and fumbling up to the bedroom as the enhanced Tammy was overwhelmed with horniness. Sam proceeded to make love to Tammy and make her orgasm multiple times while fondling her tits and making her beg for more till she dropped dead tired. Man this was the beginning of a great life.

The Ring 2

Sam had Tammy’s mannerism’s and sexual prowess using the power of the ring. When Tammy’s boyfriend saw the shapeshifted Sam, the ring made it so that Tom, Tammy’s boyfriend had always thought Tammy had her double D’s and slut enhanced body. Tom was well hung and Sam went to town on him. Popping Tom’s fully erected cock out of his mouth after deepthroating him made Sam so horny that he had to have him right then and there. The afternoon was filled with passionate lust and lovemaking.

The Ring

The simple ring just appeared in the mail box in a simple envelope. The note inside said “Have fun”. Touching it caused an influx of information to flow into Sam’s 14 year old head. He realized that the ring could help him have some fun. The information in his head told him that the ring would enable him to shapeshift. He could become anyone he wanted and even change specific things on the person. It was all up to his imagination. As it so happened his neighbor, Tammy, who he had lusted over just left the house and her boyfriend was still home. He imagined Tammy naked and slowly his body started changing into her. His chest started forming into her A cups and curves all around sprouted while his hair grew longer. Looking at his new body, he decided to improve it by giving himself double D’s and a bubble butt with a flat tummy. He imagined a slutty outfit to tempt Tammy’s boyfriend. Time to test out the sex drive of Tammy’s boyfriend.