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The Queen

Mr Marbury had a successful business transaction with Linda. He now owned all the businesses in town. He came home to a happy Mrs Marbury. Mrs Marbury was a retired business women and needless to say was not in shape. Mr Marbury got all his sex on the side while Mrs Marbury just spent his money. Mr Marbury in particular had a main by the name of Jane. Jane was Mr Marbury’s personal sex slave. Zack thought how sad it was for the situation of Mrs Marbury. That night he had both Jane and Mrs Marbury in the same room. The looks of confusion were on both their faces. Jane was a selfish person and had always wanted to pull Mr Marbury away from his wife. Mrs Marbury could not do much otherwise. Zack went to both of them and covered both their mouths as Jane was berating Mrs Marbury. He shot some of his liquid into them. Following that, he started to transform them. He gave Jane’s hot sexual body to Mrs Marbury and made her younger till she looked like she was in college. Mrs Marbury’s sagging chest ballooned out showing of gravity defying tits. He flat tummy followed a perky ass her skin tightened. Zack than gave Mrs Marbury’s old and aged body to Jane. He proceeded to kick Jane out as he had no use for her now. Zack used Mr Marbury’s thick hands to fondle his wife’s new body. Her curves and tits were desirable and Mrs Marbury was horny as hell. Before the night was over, Mrs Marbury came multiple times and was a hot sticky mess as Zack had his way with his new wife.

The black stick

Linda was rich and Zack loved that about her. Zack loved being able to control men and women whether it was through pleasure, money or power. That week, Zack still in Linda’s body had assumed control over her establishments and businesses. Linda had a thorn in her side in the form of businessman, Mr Marbury. He was trying to take over her businesses through brute force and gangsterism. That night, Linda was going to meet Mr Marbury for a business transaction. Zack knew he could change things around. At dinner that night. Linda was in her usual slutty dress meeting up with Mr Marbury. They were in a classy hotel having dinner talking about business. Mr Marbury was trying to buy all of Linda’s business at a low price and lowballing her. Zack figured out that he should just take it all. Zack liquified himself and placed half of himself into Mr Marbury’s wine glass when he went to the bathroom. When Mr Marbury came back, he drank the wine unknowingly before Jack finally took control of him. Zack realized that Mr Marbury was a hunk of a man. He had a thick long shaft and loved to have his way with women from Mr Marbury’s memories flooding into him. Zack got both Linda and Mr Marbury into a hotel and they both started kissing each other. Zack lay Mr Marbury’s body down and got Linda’s snatch lined up before he started slamming both Mr Marbury’s shaft into Linda. Zack felt Linda’s fold open up wider than he ever felt and the tight snatch grabbed Zack’s new dick. He finally came hard into Linda as he was slapping Linda’s pert ass. Zack made Linda sign all her businesses to Mr Marbury as he retracted all the liquid into Mr Marbury leaving Linda in a hot sticky mess.

The phone booth

Summer walked into the club that night and grinded herself against all the guys and made sure to tent their dicks. Zack who was in control of Summer loved the feeling of rubbing Summer’s snatch on the tented dicks of guys in the club. Summer’s mini skirt gave easy access to that. At the club was Linda who was the regular bimbo queen of the club. She had believed herself to be the hottest slut in the club commanding all the men there. She was not happy looking at Summer having her way with the other guys at the club. Linda waited for Summer to go into the ladies before she grabbed one of her muscular bouncers and went in after her. She cleared the ladies toilet and in there was only Summer, Linda and the bouncer. Linda locked the door and got Zack who was in Summer’s body to come out of the stall. Zack walked summer’s body out and was not fazed. From his perspective, he was not in any harm at all. Linda was informing Zack that she had to go. Zack thought up a plan, and covered the bouncer’s mouth before shooting half of his liquified self into him. James, the bouncer staggered back before Zack was in control of his new muscular self. Zack started rubbing his new ebony thick dick to full erectness. The confused Linda was not sure what was happening, and Zack used James strong arms and pushed Linda’s mouth onto his new shaft forcing Linda to blow him. Zack reached around to rub Linda’s snatch while he did so. Zack moved Summer’s body so that James could start sucking on Summer’s luscious nipples. Linda was overwhelm with sexual pleasure before she was turned around and forced onto James thick shaft. The pain followed by throes of pleasure coursed through her. James forcefully lifted Linda on and off his thick dick before finally climaxing into her. When that happened, Zack forced all the liquid from Summer and James into Linda. Zack stood up in Linda’s body and transformed Linda’s lackluster chest to Summer’s chest. Linda’s hot body was now transformed into a sexual vixen. Zack used Linda’s hands to adjust Linda’s tight red dress and grabbed a squeeze on her new tits. Zack was pleased, unlocked the door to let everyone see the cum stained toilet of Summer and James. Zack got one of Linda’s male sex partners to take a picture of Zack’s new body next to an iconic phone booth. Zack is off to more fun

Genie Series #9. @Aftershock

“M name is Alex, I wish to have the ability to shapeshift…but from a new body, not this one” Genie read outloud. She was a little confused, “a new body, and shapeshift?” she asked herself. “Well, maybe I could…” she said, “ok ok ok… Wish granted” genie said and disappeared into a pink bright light. Read more

Jack meets the neighbor

Jack wiped his dick on Mandy’s hair leaving his mark on her. Zack got Jack’s body dressed up the next day after bathing to go to work. In the bathroom, Zack finally looked at Jack’s scrawny body and limp dick. Zack transformed the liquid in Jack’s body transforming him into a walking adonis. Broad shoulders, popping chest muscles, defined six pack abs, muscular legs and a perky butt for women to long for. In his work clothes, Jack looked like a fitness model which women dreamed off. Zack went to work in Jack’s body using his memories and went back to his apartment after. Jack’s memories told Zack that Jack had a smoking neighbor who loved to do yoga. On his way back, he grabbed a footlong sandwich and headed up to his neighbor’s door. Knocking on it, Lexi answered the door in her yoga outfit drenched in sweat. Before Lexi could say anything, Zack covered Lexi’s mouth and shot some half of his liquid into her mouth. Taking over Lexi’s body, Zack saw himself looking at Lexi and at Jack at the same time. Zack walked himself into the apartment locking the door behind him. Zack used Jack’s hands to fondle Lexi’s sweaty body. Eventually, Zack had Jack’s clothes on the floor and Lexi’s body on her knees giving Jack’s shaft a blowjob. Jack came buckets into Lexi’s mouth. From Lexi’s memories, Zack knew that she had a friend coming tonight and thought to have a threesome with her.

The Ring 5

Sam was back to his original form walking down the street when Jack the neighborhood bully had wanted to start beating up on Sam. Jack was a meathead jock who played football for college and loved to pick on people smaller than him. He was about to pick on Sam when Sam used the ring to make Jack invite him home. At Jack’s home, Sam proceeded to change Jack into a blonde bombshell he saw on Jack’s magazine in the hallway. He gave him fake tits, flowy blonde hair and the horniness to match. Sam proceeded to shapeshift into Jack’s muscular body and even gave himself a bigger dick, enhanced stamina and the ability to cum multiple times without exhaustion. Jack in his blonde bombshell body was made to service Sam who had assimilated Jack’s life for the moment. He made it so that Jack would not want anything else but to have Sam’s enhanced dick in his pussy and that was how he had his way with Jack who became his sex slave on call.

The Ring 3

Hours later, Tom had to leave for work hesitantly. Sam still in Tammy’s shapeshifted form figured he’d shapeshift into Tom so that he could have his way with the real Tammy. He lost his double D’s and bubble butt and in seconds he looked exactly like Tom down to his farmer’s tan and well hung dick. He gave himself more girth and stamina and enhanced his sexual prowess to be able hit all the right spots. He picked some of Tom’s clothes and waited for Tammy to get home from work. When Tammy arrived home wearing her tight mini dress, Sam as a shapeshifted Tom waited for her in the garage. When their eyes met, the ring filled Tammy with lust and Sam realized that he could actually shapeshift Tammy to his desires as well. He enhanced her tits so that they felt natural but were still D’s, trimmed her waist and gave her a bubble butt so perky you could pop your beer on them as you were doggy styling her. They started kissing and fumbling up to the bedroom as the enhanced Tammy was overwhelmed with horniness. Sam proceeded to make love to Tammy and make her orgasm multiple times while fondling her tits and making her beg for more till she dropped dead tired. Man this was the beginning of a great life.

The Ring 2

Sam had Tammy’s mannerism’s and sexual prowess using the power of the ring. When Tammy’s boyfriend saw the shapeshifted Sam, the ring made it so that Tom, Tammy’s boyfriend had always thought Tammy had her double D’s and slut enhanced body. Tom was well hung and Sam went to town on him. Popping Tom’s fully erected cock out of his mouth after deepthroating him made Sam so horny that he had to have him right then and there. The afternoon was filled with passionate lust and lovemaking.

The Ring

The simple ring just appeared in the mail box in a simple envelope. The note inside said “Have fun”. Touching it caused an influx of information to flow into Sam’s 14 year old head. He realized that the ring could help him have some fun. The information in his head told him that the ring would enable him to shapeshift. He could become anyone he wanted and even change specific things on the person. It was all up to his imagination. As it so happened his neighbor, Tammy, who he had lusted over just left the house and her boyfriend was still home. He imagined Tammy naked and slowly his body started changing into her. His chest started forming into her A cups and curves all around sprouted while his hair grew longer. Looking at his new body, he decided to improve it by giving himself double D’s and a bubble butt with a flat tummy. He imagined a slutty outfit to tempt Tammy’s boyfriend. Time to test out the sex drive of Tammy’s boyfriend.

Teenage Rebellion

Robby DeLorain’s mom must’ve had a stick up her ass. So much nagging, so many rules, such a rigid moral code–every day Robby had to hear her harp on and on about things that were WRONG and things he COULDN’T DO. Read more