The Cute One

It’s been almost 2 years since Dan started going out with Charlotte and yet he has not developed much of a relationship with her daughter, Molly. It is not for lack of trying, but practically every day since she had turned 18 (only 2 months after they met) Molly had been on the road with her band. She leads an all girl pop-punk band and despite his initial misgivings Dan has to admit that they are actually pretty good. He’s done his best to connect with Molly over their shared love of music but she had consistently rebuffed him
“I just don’t see how an old man is gonna help our group” she’d say

Dan began to worry, he’s very much in love with Charlotte and intends to marry her but she can’t fathom the idea of marrying a man who doesn’t have a strong relationship with her daughter. Desperate to try anything he calls Molly and offers to join her on tour, explaining how dire the situation is.

“Oh wow, I had no idea Dan. If that’s the case then of course you can join us on tour, I wouldn’t do anything to get in the way of my mother’s happiness.”

“Fantastic! I’ll pack my things and meet you all at the venue in a couple of days, is there anything specific I should bring?” Dan smiled; going on tour like this was a dream come true

“No, just an open mind. Life on the road might be a little different than you initially suspected. See you soon Daddy”

Dan heard giggling before she hung the phone up. No matter, Dan runs up stairs and packs his stuff, calls into work to take the next week off and drives off without so much as a call to Charlotte.

Dan arrives at the venue, a mid sized theatre, the morning of their show. Walking in the front door with his duffle bag he’s surprised to see a door with his name on it. Dan walks in and is shocked, the whole room is pink, and covered in lace. There is a large ornate vanity in the center of the room with masses of make-up and jewelry. Moving towards the back of the room he sees a dresser full of pink and white dresses, high heels, and pink stockings.

“Hello Dani” Molly appears behind him “Welcome to the tour”

Dan turns around
“What is all of this Molly?”

“This is your wardrobe silly, surely you didn’t think that we’d let you come on tour with us like that did you?” She flicks her finger up and down “ This is a girl’s group and if you want to be one of us you’ll have to fit in”

“This is really funny Molly, but I’m a grown man, I can’t wear any of this. Plus I’m only here for a week I can’t stay for the whole tour”

“You want to marry my Mom don’t you?”

Dan freezes, he has no response

“Just sit in the chair honey, the make-up people will be in soon to get you ready. My manager says that ‘a cute girl’ is really what we need to make onto the charts. If you can just fill that role for the next 2 months then you can marry my mother” She smiles and walks out of the room

Dan sits in the chair, in a sort of daze a team comes in and he loses consciousness.

He wakes up a few hours later to this reflection in the mirror. He was no idea how they did it but he’s a totally different person. Previously he has a 6’ 1” man approaching 45 but now it would be a stretch to say he’s 5’ 3”, and what’s more according to the license next to him it looks like he’s just over 18 and a girl.

“Wow, they really do work wonders” Molly comes in again “You see Dani, this is the new you, you’re a prim proper little lady, the sugar to my spice. I’m the tough as nails leader of this band and you’re the doll we use for contrast”

In that moment Dan was frightened, Molly was much larger than him but it was something more than that. He felt intimidated, an older girl was asserting her dominance and he has no idea how to react. He manages to stutter out

“ can’t do this Molly”

“Amazing, they even changed your voice. But just so you know I can do whatever I want. If you don’t do what I say I’ll just have those makeup guys come in and make you seem a little younger, how’d you like to experience middle school as a girl?”
She laughs, I’ll even have Mommy adopt you, then you can spend all the time with her you want.

Dan can’t say anything; she’s Dani now, the cute one. She sure hopes that Molly doesn’t cut her from the band, she’s so scary.


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