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Beach Body Surfing

Zack was kayaking towards one of the Micronesian islands when he got a storm came in quickly and hit him hard. He lost consciousness and was pulled deep into the ocean. Under the dark seas, he glimpsed upon a green glow which was heading towards him before he lost consciousness. Zack woke up later surprised thinking he had gone to heaven. He realized that he was in the ocean, but he didn’t need to breathe. Zack could feel that he was a liquified version of himself. He could form different shapes with a thought using his body. Zack moved through the ocean quickly before arriving at the coast of the beach he had left from. There he spotted a blonde buxom babe wearing the skimpiest red bikini he had ever seen. She was about to get into the water. Thoughts of lust engulfed Zack as he proceeded closer to her. When he arrived next to her, Zack dragged her down deeper into the ocean. He split himself into two and solidified his shaft into an 8 inch pleasure rod. Sliding her bikini to the side, he entered her folds slamming himself into her while his other body proceeded to slam his shaft into her mouth while he fondled her firm chest. Just as he climaxed, he felt himself shooting into her taking up her body. When he was done, he realized that he was now her. All of her memories were his and he knew everything about her. He was the new Samantha, and she was horny.

Mommy’s girl

Lucca grabbed her clothes after sending Leon off. She lived in her apartment with her mom and Zack knew from Lucca’s memories that her mom would be back with her boyfriend soon. When they reached home, they went into her mom’s room. Her mom, Mandy, came into Lucca’s room to inform her that he’ll be staying over tonight. Lucca shook her head understanding what was going to happen. As her mom turned her head around, Zack grabbed Mandy from the back and forced some liquid down her throat. Mandy slumped to the floor unconscious. Zack had used his liquid form to put Mandy to sleep for a few hours. Zack than transformed Lucca’s face into the very likeness of her mom. Zack now had the body of a very fit and sexy Lucca and the face of her mom. Zack undressed Mandy and wore her work clothes which were very tight in her chest area from having Lucca’s firm double D’s. Zack walked into Mandy’s room to a waiting Jack in his boxers. Jack not noticing anything amiss was awed by Mandy coming onto him. They started frisking each other before removing most of their clothes. Zack was left in stockings and his exposed chest which was fondled by Jack. He was taken from the back by Jack and loved every second of it. After Jack came, Zack positioned himself over Jack’s mouth and forced Jack to eat him out. As Jack was doing so, Zack liquified and split himself sending the pother half into Jack. When he had taken mover Jack, he had a split vision of himself banging himself. He felt every passionate slam of his new dick into his body. Before he came, he retracted all of himself from Lucca and took over Jack. Lucca’s changes were reverted to her original flat chested self. Zack walked Jacks naked body into Lucca’s room to start having his way with Mandy. He started rubbing her clit to wake her up, eating her out before finally having his was with her pounding Mandy into throes of pleasure.

The Queen

Mr Marbury had a successful business transaction with Linda. He now owned all the businesses in town. He came home to a happy Mrs Marbury. Mrs Marbury was a retired business women and needless to say was not in shape. Mr Marbury got all his sex on the side while Mrs Marbury just spent his money. Mr Marbury in particular had a main by the name of Jane. Jane was Mr Marbury’s personal sex slave. Zack thought how sad it was for the situation of Mrs Marbury. That night he had both Jane and Mrs Marbury in the same room. The looks of confusion were on both their faces. Jane was a selfish person and had always wanted to pull Mr Marbury away from his wife. Mrs Marbury could not do much otherwise. Zack went to both of them and covered both their mouths as Jane was berating Mrs Marbury. He shot some of his liquid into them. Following that, he started to transform them. He gave Jane’s hot sexual body to Mrs Marbury and made her younger till she looked like she was in college. Mrs Marbury’s sagging chest ballooned out showing of gravity defying tits. He flat tummy followed a perky ass her skin tightened. Zack than gave Mrs Marbury’s old and aged body to Jane. He proceeded to kick Jane out as he had no use for her now. Zack used Mr Marbury’s thick hands to fondle his wife’s new body. Her curves and tits were desirable and Mrs Marbury was horny as hell. Before the night was over, Mrs Marbury came multiple times and was a hot sticky mess as Zack had his way with his new wife.

The black stick

Linda was rich and Zack loved that about her. Zack loved being able to control men and women whether it was through pleasure, money or power. That week, Zack still in Linda’s body had assumed control over her establishments and businesses. Linda had a thorn in her side in the form of businessman, Mr Marbury. He was trying to take over her businesses through brute force and gangsterism. That night, Linda was going to meet Mr Marbury for a business transaction. Zack knew he could change things around. At dinner that night. Linda was in her usual slutty dress meeting up with Mr Marbury. They were in a classy hotel having dinner talking about business. Mr Marbury was trying to buy all of Linda’s business at a low price and lowballing her. Zack figured out that he should just take it all. Zack liquified himself and placed half of himself into Mr Marbury’s wine glass when he went to the bathroom. When Mr Marbury came back, he drank the wine unknowingly before Jack finally took control of him. Zack realized that Mr Marbury was a hunk of a man. He had a thick long shaft and loved to have his way with women from Mr Marbury’s memories flooding into him. Zack got both Linda and Mr Marbury into a hotel and they both started kissing each other. Zack lay Mr Marbury’s body down and got Linda’s snatch lined up before he started slamming both Mr Marbury’s shaft into Linda. Zack felt Linda’s fold open up wider than he ever felt and the tight snatch grabbed Zack’s new dick. He finally came hard into Linda as he was slapping Linda’s pert ass. Zack made Linda sign all her businesses to Mr Marbury as he retracted all the liquid into Mr Marbury leaving Linda in a hot sticky mess.

Cheerleading highlights

Leon had left Myra in his room after pounding her to submission. He bathed and dressed up in a nice shirt and pants for his date with Lucca, the head cheerleader. From Leon’s memories, Zack knew that she was a slutty one. Lucca loved to dressed like a slut and show off her fit body. Today was no different. When Zack picked Lucca up in Leon’s body, he found her wearing tight latex pants and black bikini top. She had a nice firm butt, toned legs, you could see lines of abdominal muscles on her flat tummy which were sexy and her blonde hair was flowing straight down. Everything turned any guy on but Zack realized something, Lucca trained a lot and her chest was flat as a board. They went out that night for dinner at a beach restaurant and had some drinks. Before they knew it, they were in Lucca’s apartment getting frisky. Leon grabbed and tried to fondle Lucca’s chest and nipples but he knew he couldn’t get excited at Lucca’s flat chest. Zack had an idea, he liquified himself as he was French kissing Lucca and forced himself into her. Inside Lucca’s body, he transformed some of the liquid in Lucca’s body and shaped Lucca’s chest making them bigger, eventually he got them to be double D’s and was satisfied. With Lucca’s erect nipples on her new chest, Zack used Lucca’s fingers to rub his new chest being held barely by her black bikini. Assuming a sultry pose on the table, Zack beckoned Leon with Lucca’s fingers to take her. Leon dropped his pants and snapped Lucca’s tight pants off. One hand went to town rubbing Lucca’s snatch before penetrating her and the other fondled Lucca’s new sensitive double D’s. Before long, Leon had Lucca in a pretzel pounding her while the headboard of the bed kept slamming against the wall. Leon exclaimed in pleasure before Zack used Lucca’s body to get off Leon and drank Leon’s cum not wasting a lick. Zack than pushed Leon on his back with Lucca’s hands before forcing Lucca’s snatch onto Leon’s mouth forcing him to eat him out till he came. Zack in Lucca’s body now had access to more sexual pleasure and fun.

The phone booth

Summer walked into the club that night and grinded herself against all the guys and made sure to tent their dicks. Zack who was in control of Summer loved the feeling of rubbing Summer’s snatch on the tented dicks of guys in the club. Summer’s mini skirt gave easy access to that. At the club was Linda who was the regular bimbo queen of the club. She had believed herself to be the hottest slut in the club commanding all the men there. She was not happy looking at Summer having her way with the other guys at the club. Linda waited for Summer to go into the ladies before she grabbed one of her muscular bouncers and went in after her. She cleared the ladies toilet and in there was only Summer, Linda and the bouncer. Linda locked the door and got Zack who was in Summer’s body to come out of the stall. Zack walked summer’s body out and was not fazed. From his perspective, he was not in any harm at all. Linda was informing Zack that she had to go. Zack thought up a plan, and covered the bouncer’s mouth before shooting half of his liquified self into him. James, the bouncer staggered back before Zack was in control of his new muscular self. Zack started rubbing his new ebony thick dick to full erectness. The confused Linda was not sure what was happening, and Zack used James strong arms and pushed Linda’s mouth onto his new shaft forcing Linda to blow him. Zack reached around to rub Linda’s snatch while he did so. Zack moved Summer’s body so that James could start sucking on Summer’s luscious nipples. Linda was overwhelm with sexual pleasure before she was turned around and forced onto James thick shaft. The pain followed by throes of pleasure coursed through her. James forcefully lifted Linda on and off his thick dick before finally climaxing into her. When that happened, Zack forced all the liquid from Summer and James into Linda. Zack stood up in Linda’s body and transformed Linda’s lackluster chest to Summer’s chest. Linda’s hot body was now transformed into a sexual vixen. Zack used Linda’s hands to adjust Linda’s tight red dress and grabbed a squeeze on her new tits. Zack was pleased, unlocked the door to let everyone see the cum stained toilet of Summer and James. Zack got one of Linda’s male sex partners to take a picture of Zack’s new body next to an iconic phone booth. Zack is off to more fun

Here you go!

Jamal had been dating Samantha for 3 months in college. Jamal was the usual athletic black guy at the gym who messed around a lot with women. Everyone knew he was well endowed in the junk section and he never disclaimed it. He met Sam at the tutoring center as he needed help with his math classes. They took off after the session and talked all through the day. They started dating and seeing more of each other but Samantha would never let him get into her pants. Samantha was hot no doubt and liked to dress in a goth fashion. Jamal didn’t really care as he treated her like another conquest. Read more

School is where we learn

Myra’s school had uniforms and it certainly turned things on a little. Myra’s firm chest were being cradled by her push up bra in her white blouse which showed off her curves. Her blue cardigan which was loosely worn didn’t;t really cover much up and her skirt which was shortened looked like a mini skirt which showed off her perky bottom when she strut past guys. Myra was heading to the male dorms to one of her fun time. Leon had replied to her bikini picture with a picture of his shaft and Zack who was in Myra’s body was agreeable to it. Zack knocked on Leon’s door opened it and locked it behind her. Leon was wearing his boxers hiding behind the door. He grabbed Myra’s lithe body by the blouse from the back and tore open her blouse which displayed her deep cleavage. From the back, Leon was fondling Myra’s tits and rubbing his shaft inside his boxers against Myra’s snatch. Zack used Myra’s fingers to grab Leon’s shaft and started stroking it against Myra’s wet snatch. When it was lubricated, Myra grabbed Leon’s shaft and guided it into Myra’s folds while moaning in pleasurable pain. Leon’s girthy shaft spread Myra’s folds way more than Myra’s boyfriend ever could. In a reverse cowgirl position, Zack grinded Myra’s snatch on Leon’s dick before Zack came in Myra’s body. Zack spun Myra’s body around before planting Myra’s lips onto Leon, liquifying himself and forcing himself into Leon’s athletic body. Seconds later, Zack in Leon’s fit body was pounding Myra doggy style as he slapped her firm bottom and came happily. Leon’s memories told Zack that tonight he had a date with the head cheerleader and it was going to be fun.

Receiving your Revenge

Zack was the star quarterback of his college. His games always went well and the school and fans loved him. The only people who had issues with him were his teachers and the school principal Mrs Woods. Zack’s grades were terrible as he didn’t bother studying and messed around in class trying to get the girls in the class to laugh or smile at him with his clowning antics. At the end of the semester, his grades were without a doubt terrible and he was brought into Mrs Woods office to have a chat. She informed Zack that if he didn’t buck up and improve his grades, he would not be playing football anymore. Read more

Look who’s here

Zack was in control of Lexi’s and Jack’s body. They were busy exploring each others body and fondling each other. The door bell rang and Zack hopped up in Lexi’s body to open the door. Outside was Lexi’s buxom friend Summer. Summer was visiting from out of state. Summer had just broken up with her boyfriend and needed somewhere to chill out her depression. Summer wore a singlet which was straining against her tits. Her nipples poked from underneath as she proceeded to hug Lexi thanking her for letting her stay. Lexi brought Summer in and locked the door after bringing in her luggage. From the back, Lexi grabbed Summer’s pert bottom under her mini skirt and Zack transformed Lexi’s hand into a lubricated shaft which proceeded to slide into Summer’s folds. Summer was shocked but couldn’t help moaning. Zack split himself into two again and from Lexi’s body, half the liquid forced it’s way into Summer. Zack’s vision became three. Zack grabbed his new chest using Summer’s hands and started fondling his nipples through Summer’s top. Zack lay Lexi’s body down on the floor, Summer’s snatch was placed on Lexi’s mouth as Zack slid Summer’s thongs off and Zack used Jack’s body to get a blow job using Summer’s dick sucking lips. The three way sex show went on before he changed things up again. He started sliding Jack’s shaft from the bottom of Summer’s chest and gave himself a tit job while using Summer’s mouth to lick his dick when he went through Summer’s cleavage. Summer’s body was truly insatiable. Zack finally lay Summer’s body on the floor and started pounding her snatch with Jack’s shaft while Summer ate Lexi’s snatch out. This went on till they all came. Zack finally forced himself into Summer’s slutty body and left Lexi and Jack’s body on the floor gasping. In the bathroom Zack was admiring his latest conquest and took Summer’s purse before heading out.