The pink vial

It was no secret between my wife and I that I fantasized being a woman. It had come out early in our relationship and it hadn’t bothered her in the least. She was naturally dominant and throughout our relationship that had been the case. She had taken the lead on many things throughout our marriage; finances, vacation plans, our sex life, and I was totally ok with this. Afterall, Ashley was a gorgeous 37 year old brunette with a tight body that she worked hard on, so I was more than happy to led her be the dominant one.

One day she came barging into my home office with a huge grin on her face and a pink vial in her hand. “Sam, I was at a thrift store and this old lady told me this vial will grant our deepest wishes.” I was a bit surprised by two things, first of all by the fact that she would believe something like this, and more importantly, the fact that it looked like a good 15 years had been taken off of her. Even in her 30’s she was looked amazing, but now she looked like a college freshman,, not a day over 19.

I was a pretty rational person, I wouldn’t have normally believed a vial could grant my desires, but looking at my now teenaged wife, I said “fuck it, what do I have to lose?”

She smiled and handed me the vial, and I immediately downed it. I could feel it immediately going to work, slimming down my body, pushing my waist into a beautiful hourglass figure, a pair of perky B cup tits sprouting on my chest, and deep red hair extending past my shoulders.

Finally the changes came to an end, and the two of us sat there staring at each other. It took only a moment before we lunged at each other, urgently exploring my new, and her youthful, anatomy. After just a few minutes of making out and groping she flipped me over and whispered into my ear, “are you ready to be fucked senseless.”

I didn’t even have a chance to answer as her fingers curled into my new sopping wet pussy, pushing deep into me, massaging both my clit and g-spot. I was so overwhelmed by the new sensations it didn’t take me long to have my first female orgasm. I couldn’t even compare it to anything as a guy, and as a bonus afterward I only wanted more.

Fortunately my wife was more than happy to handle that, and her dominant nature was still fully in effect, as she finger fucked me for the rest of the night until I was nothing but a well fucked puddle of lesbian. Needless to say life is going to be amazing reliving my youth as a hot submissive lesbian with a gorgeous, dominant, and constantly horny wife.


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