Not too bad

Matthew stood in front of the mirror examining the body he found himself in after stripping off all her clothes to get a better look at what he had to work with.

He thought to himself from the looks of things this woman seems to be in her 40s but still a pretty decent body.

The face the tits and the ass we’re not too saggy and the hair was not to Grey.

He would of liked to still be a man but taking everything into consideration it was better than lying on the sidewalk dead and he thought he had done a pretty good job with the limited time he had to perform the spell and pick out a body before the hired guns got out of there car and shot him dead.

He felt a little bit guilty putting that woman in his body and leaving her to die in his place.

But at least everybody thought he was dead and he could start his life over again after getting dressed and emptying out all of his secret bank accounts before starting his life somewhere new.


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