Inside her purse. (Pranked 16)

“What’s this?” I asked myself, when I looked inside my girlfriend’s Amber purse. She had what looked like a pink dildo inside of it. “Wow, and to think I was taking things slow”. I grabbed the dildo, thinking about confronting her about it. But as soon as I touched it, I felt an electric shock cover my whole body. I dropped to the floor. I was so turned on, I started rubbing one. I felt extreme heat, so I took all my clothes off. I didn’t care my girlfriend was in the bathroom and will come back in a few minutes.

I couldn’t calm myself down, and I couldn’t come. While still on the ground, I saw the dildo on the floor. I swear I could hear it telling me to lick it. I grabbed it with my left hand, and I didn’t even take a small lick, I shoved the whole thing inside my mouth and throath. I felt my whole body change, it took less than a couple of seconds. I could feel my new breasts touching the floor, and my wet empty pussy longing for something inside of it. Right at that moment, Amber came out of the bathroom. She didn’t seem surprised. I slowly and sexily moved my head back, releasing the dildo for my mouth. I smiled. I was thinking about having lesbian sex with Amber, but she appeared to read my mind, and said: “Not until you shove it up your pussy”. I did as she said, and jumped on her arms. We had lesbian sex all night. From that day I started to go by the name of Brenda.


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