The only girl

Mike, Kevin, Andy and Carl decided it’s time to change something in their group, it needed a feminine touch to it. They never hang out with girls, they were to shy so whenever they were throwing a party it felt like a sausage fest. One day Kevin recived a potion that was suposed to chage gender of the person who drank it. One of them was supposed to drink it. Of course no one wanted to become a chick so they decided to draw straws. Carl got the shortest so he was the one who will become a girl. He protested but there was no turning back, Mike and Kevin held him back while Andy poured the liquid into his mouth. Soon his body started to change. They all looked fascinated as Carl was becoming more feminine until he turned into a very cute girl. The boys immidiately fell in love with her.

It’s been two months since Carl turned into Caroline. She was still angry at her friends but the potion did something more than just change her body. She also couldn’t act agressive or rude towards her friends. It made her lovely and sweet. She was currently having some fun with the boys. Andy, Kevin and Mike loved the result. They couldn’t stop staring at her, especially now as she came to join them. Her long hair fell gracefully below her shoulders and she looked stuning in that dress. Caroline had to put up with a lot now, as the three boys had a serious crush on her. She liked to hang out with them but she wished to have some girl friends, it was really hard to avoid their courting.


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