The mirror

I am a burglar. I break into people’s homes and steal their valuables. Well, actually, that’s not exactly true, I was a burglar. One day I broke into a big house uptown, they had expensive jewelry and watches, laptops, cellphones. I knew I had hit the jackpot. I walked into the master room, it was huge. It looked more like a hotel room than a home bedroom. I openned a couple of drawers and saw some pictures of the couple that lived here. “I remember the woman from this picture, she died in a car accident a couple of months ago” I said outloud.

I then saw an iphone lying on the floor close to a tall mirror. “I can sell that phone for a couple of hundreds”. As I was about to pick it up, something in my reflection caught my eye. It appeared like I wasn’t wearing any shoes. I certainly don’t remember taking them off. I continued looking to my reflection, “I was wearing pants, not shorts… plus those legs don’t look like mine! Is this some kind of a trick?” I then looked at my full reflection, It didn’t look like me. “This is a full-size picture, not a reflection” I said, trying to convince myself everything was fine. I moved my arm, and my reflection did so too. I was afraid to look down, I didn’t want to find out I had been turned into a woman. Plus, I didn’t have to look at my own body, I could feel the carpet touching my bare feet. I don’t know what came into me, but I had to look at this woman’s body. I took my blouse off, revealing small perky breasts. I turned around and looked at my ass, “well, at least my ass is round and nice” I said.

I heard someone enter the house. “Oh shit, must be the husband” I said. I turned around, getting ready to flee. When he openned the bedroom door “Honey! I’m home!”. He didn’t look surprised to see his dead wife still alive. I had to pretend — for now — that I was his wife. I kissed him and said “how was work?… honey…?” — “You know the usual, not boring, but I just wanted to come back home to my loving wife” He said while putting his hand on my bare breasts. I felt something I had never felt before, plus I felt my nipple get erect. I took a step backwards, scared of the feeling. “What’s wrong honey?” he asked. “Nothing…” I said. I didn’t know what to say, but he was looking at me in a weird way, I didn’t want to raise any suspicion. I grabbed his left hand and placed it over my right breast. I took off my shorts, I grabbed his right hand, and made him touch my bare ass. His hand quickly slipped into my hip, and then to my pussy. He fingered me. It felt great. I ripped his pants off, and I don’t know why, but I pushed him into his… our bed…. We had sex right there… It felt great, actually better than great, all the thrusting, all the cumming. I knew I had to do this every single day. My burglar days were over, I was to become this man wife’s.

I didn’t know anything about my new self. I don’t even know his name, I don’t know mine. So after sex, I walked downstairs and pretended to fall down and hit my head. My husband came to help me. I pretended to have amnesia. And now, I can live as this woman forever.


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