The devil comes out

Well, when I let me wife pick out our halloween costumes, this most definitely was not what I had in mind.

But I can’t say I mind being the center of attention. And I don’t even look like myself anymore. She sure did work some magic with the costume. She told me she wanted to bring out my inner devil.

I’ve had so many guys hit on me tonight- that sure is different. But hey, I’m getting so many free drinks at the bar. And my wife is loving the attention too.

Wait…why is she bringing two guys over here. Why did she just tell me to flirt with this guy, and why am I listening to her? Well…what would the devil do I suppose?

And now she is inviting them back to our house? For some reason, I’m excited. Maybe even a little giddy.

She just whispered into my ear “I think I like this version of you a lot more. The evil edge makes you so much more fun.” She stepped back and said “I’d like to keep you like this.” And with, the world seemed to warp.

On the drive back to our house we told the boys about how we met on a lingerie photo shoot. And how we got along because we were both so wild.

It seems my inner devil has come out, and she is here to stay.


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