Better couple

It all started when Ted’s girlfriend complained that we spent more time together than they did and I made a dumb joke about how he and I making a better couple. Julia later got me alone and asked me if I meant it. I told her I was just joking, but she wanted to make a bet. She said if I could keep him satisfied for a week, I could have him. Before I could tell her I didn’t want any part of the bet, she recited a spell and in a flash I felt the room shift. To my horror, I saw our reflection in a nearby mirror. Two Julias stood together. One with a mouth agape and the other a wicked grin.
She told me I must act just like her and that the spell would make it easy. She warned if I tell Ted what she did, she had spells that could turn me into something much worse. With that she disappeared out the back door.
For the first few days I tried to avoid Ted. If he was unhappy at the weeks end then it could all go back to normal. Soon though, Ted became upset about my being distant. He confronted me and something came over me. I consoled him, which lead to hugging, which lead to kissing and before I knew it we were having sex right there in the living room.
From then on we were never apart. I did things to him I never would have considered as a man. The sex was so amazing I didn’t think I could ever go back to being a man. At the weeks end I begged Julia to keep me this way. She laughed and told me I was right, we did make a better couple.


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