The condition

I have a special condition, one that I have to be really carefull with. Two years ago, I found a magic lamp, and as expected, I was awarded three wishes. The first two worked like a charm. I wished to be the owner of a successfull real state business, and that all women found me attractive. But my third wish, backfired on me, I wished that I had the power to turn any person I touched into a hot bimbo. I didn’t realize at that moment how I had phrased my wish. After granting my wishes, the lamp just disappeared.

That very same night, I was with my girlfriend Amy, and everything was fine, until I kissed her. She started to act weird, giggling all the time. For no reason at all, she started giving me a blow job, I enjoyed it, but I realized she had become a bimbo. Then her brother showed up, “Amy! what are you doing?” he said. I tried to calm him down, “dude… is not what it looks like” I said, while touching his arm, but that just made things worse. He became a bimbo girl too. In less than 5 minutes we were all having a threesome. It might sound like I am complaining, but the truth is that I ain’t, it was the best sex I ever had up until that moment.

The next morning, I just left, I had to take a walk. I took a bus, and noticed that a friend from highschool was there, I said hi to him, and shook his hand. He was then, transformed into a brunette girl, wearing a pink skirt, and a white blouse. She was cute, but I could tell she was a bimbo too. “Hi, I am Aurora” she said, “I want you now” she giggled, while raising her skirt revealing she wasn’t wearing any underwear. I would have had sex with her, but I wasn’t going to cheat on my girlfriend.

I ran out of the bus, I didn’t know what to do, so I went to the doctor. But as soon as he touched my body to inspect me, he became a bimbo too. She was now the kinkiest doctor you would imagine. She locked the door, and gave me a blowjob. I quickly got dressed and ran out of her office.

Since that day, everytime I go out, I have been wearing long sleeves and gloves, trying to avoid any kind of contact. I continued my life as normal, with one simple exception, everyday after work I go home and have sex with my two bimbo girlfriends, Amy and her sister Kim.


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