He’s mine

Martin was stalking Evan and Wendy since Evan broke up with him. He was shocked when Evan told him he’s actually bisexual, and he wants to try out with a girl. Martin hated Wendy for stealing his boyfriend, he promised to himself that he will take him back and today was this day.

Martin was sitting in his bedroom with a magic token in his hands. It had some unknown writing and an empty space to write someones name. The token was meant to swap bodies with the person whose name will be written on it. Martin hesitated for a bit. If he decides to use it he will have to be Wendy for the rest of his life. He took a deep breath and wrote the name. The next thing he knew was he wasn’t sitting in his room anymore. He lost his balance and almost fell on the floor. “It worked” Martin said touching his delicate face. He ran his fingers across his small waist and lower where his hips were wider. He turned his back on to take a look at his round bum. He pushed and released his breasts a few times then he gave them a firm squeeze which was a very pleasant feeling.
“I think i can live like that” He said and went to Wendy’s room where he dialed the number he knew so well. “Hey babe” he heard from the phone. “Hi handsome. My parents aren’t home so i was wondering, maybe you could come in” Martin said with a seductive voice. “Be there in five minutes” Evan said and hung up.


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