The Chalice of Trust

Martin reveled of the blowjob the girl betwen his legs was giving him. She was a pro keeping him just beyond orgasm. He could feel tingling running up and down his loins and a pleasureable warm relaxation in his whole body.
Her innocent deer eyes made the whole situation even more erotic.
And he pondered the amount of trust that had went into to make this wonderful experience happen.

Quinn, a friend of his, had brought a magical chalice to his apartment and demonstrated how it worked.
Fill it with wine first. Then both involved will have to hold it at the same time as one of them commands the chalice what will happen if the other drinks the wine, and after that the other drinks it while both are still touching the chalice.
It was more or less volontary to accept the effects.
They just tried a minor one, which changed the amount of muscles Martin had, something he really appreciated.

“With this we can live out our every dream and fantasy”, Quinn said excitedely.
Martin wasn´t yet fully convinced.
“Like what? You mean we will take turns drinking from it?”, he questioned.
“Yeah! Exactly like that!”
“Like turning into girls and stuff?”, a still doubtful Martin said.
“Precisely. You know what? I can go first. Afterwards we switch”
He had Martin on the hook. “Okay. It´s a deal”

Both men held the chalice betwen them.
Martin cleared his throat so he could command the magic in the chalice.
“Uhm, magical chalice, I want the one that drinks the wine to become a stunningly beutiful woman that are an expert at pleasuring men. And she will obey anything I say to her. Brown hair and blue eyes. And, uh, she will act very feminine.
Martin looked at Quinn that just stared blankly at him. His emotions didn´t betray his facial expression.
“Cheers”, he said and moved the chalice to his lips and began drinking.

The changes wracked his body which morphed and transformed into someone entierely else within seconds.
Martin took in the beauty of the woman that now was standing in front of him.
“That´s me”, she said with a dulcet and soft voice.
“You look amazing”
“I do”, she confirmed and jutted her hip out.
“Can you go by another name instead? It feels weird calling you Quinn”
“Anything you say”, she smiled.
“Think I´ll call you Scarlett”.

Martin had told her to give him the most fulfilling sexual experience a man could ever get and she began her task immediately by caressing his skin, which eventually lead to her giving him a sensual massage. She increased the intensity of her ministrations little by little, all the time.
And now they had come to the point of the blowjob.
Martin was kept close to orgasm and had been there for a while. Scarlett eased down on him every time he was getting too close.

It felt awfully empty at this dick all of sudden.
“Hey! Why are you stopping? I was so close!”, he complained.
She crawled up to him and placed her own wet sex hovering above his rock solid cock.
She didn´t say anything. She just lowered herself down on him painfully slowly all the way down until his dick had disappeared inside her pussy. She began riding him with caution, still intent on keeping him squirming for the orgasm that is so close but yet so far away.

In his sexual haze Martins mind began to think; should he keep her or should they change back?


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