The box

My friend Amy had given me a wishing box, at least that’s what she called it. She said, that her aunt had given it to her, and since she used it, her life had completely changed for the better. I didn’t believe her, but it was a nice looking box, so maybe I can use it as a gift for someone else. She didn’t explain much, she just said, write your wish down, put it inside the box, and a few minutes later it will become true.

The whole thing was stupid. So, I gave the box to my mom. She collected boxes from all over the world. “It’s a wishing box, Amy told me. It is supposed to grant wishes that you put inside the box. But I have no use for it, so I guess you’ll like it more”. She thanked me, and put the box with the rest of her collection.

One day, I saw my mother writing down something. “Hey son, I’m about to test the box” she said. “What did you write?”, “something simple, I just want to see my young 24 year oldself again.” She placed the piece of paper inside the box. 5 seconds later the lights flickered, and then just then, everything changed. I felt different, but I couldn’t explain how, I was still me, Amy, and I was looking at my husband, who was holding one of the boxes from my collection.

“It kinda worked” he said. “I can look at myself younger, but I expected to get younger, I didn’t expect to turn you into….” he said but paused for a few seconds “my voice. I am…” he said while touching his face. “I even have his memories” he said. I didn’t know what he was talking about, but I was so hot and turned, so I took off all my clothes right there in the kitchen. “when you are ready talking to yourself, you have a naked wife right here that needs some pleasing” I told him.

“I hope this time I do get pregnant” I told my husband. We have been married for two years, and I just wanted a baby.


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