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Mixing them up

I had the wishing box in my hands. After looking for it for months, I had finally aquired it. I had so many wishes in mind, so many things I wanted. But I started to think about the sudden flow of bimbos at college. “Maybe I should find our where they are coming from” I thought. So I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote “I wish to find out why there are suddenly so many bimbos”. After putting the piece of paper inside of the box, and closing it I felt a short gust of wind. But everything looked the same. I then heard the door bell. Read more

The box

My friend Amy had given me a wishing box, at least that’s what she called it. She said, that her aunt had given it to her, and since she used it, her life had completely changed for the better. I didn’t believe her, but it was a nice looking box, so maybe I can use it as a gift for someone else. She didn’t explain much, she just said, write your wish down, put it inside the box, and a few minutes later it will become true. Read more

A better friend

James wasn’t much of a friend. He was always thinking of himself, he was always asking for favors, but if you asked him for help, he always had something else to do. One day, he slept with Kim,the girl I was dating. I knew she wasn’t my girlfriend, but I expected her to be soon. And that was it, that was the last straw. Read more