The blog

My days were quite boring. All I did was work, and watch tv. One day, I decided to create a blog, maybe about videogames, I don’t know, something that I used to like doing before I had so much work. I was about to name my blog “John’s Blog”, but I thought “that’s not fun”. So I wrote “Amy’s Blog of Sex”. At least in my written fantasies, I would write about Amy having sex with me. Amy didn’t exist, she was just my fantasy girl.

My first entry was about how Amy met her boyfriend John. At first it was difficult pretending to write as her. But post after post, it became more natural. I had fun for months, and I started to get a lot of suscribers and likes. I couldn’t believe how popular Amy was. During the day I was my usual self, but at nights, when I was infront of my computer, I was Amy. Some suscribers even asked me to break up with John, and start dating them. It was fun, harmless fun.

One day, as I was typing a new entry, I noticed something weird. My waist seemed thin. It looked more like a girl’s waist. “funny” I thought. But it didn’t stop there, a few days later, I noticed a small bump on my chest. They kind of looked like small breasts. I didn’t think much of it. A week later, when I woke up, I noticed my bed was full of body hair, while my skin was soft. My chest looked even more like breasts. I walked to the bathroom, and I noticed I had a box with brushes and make up. “Those aren’t mine” I said outloud, noticing my voice was a little higher in pitch. Then, I lost consciousness, and when I came back, ten minutes later, I notices I had applied makeup on my face, and worst of all, I had done it correctly, I looked really pretty. My face was feminine. I looked at my hands and they looked feminine too. I had even painted my nails. I started to freak out. I ran back to my bed, and noticed I had a nightgown lying on my bed. I picked it up, and as I was about to throw it out the window, I started thinking how cute I would look in it. I put it on, and walked back into the bathroom, I looked at myself in the mirror. I was a girl, I looked exactly as I had imagined Amy would look like, long hair and all. I tried to resist the changes, but I could feel my mind fading away. I was starting to think of John in the third person.

I was now Amy. I sent a kiss to the mirror, and walked back to my computer. My boyfriend John was out of town, I sure can’t wait for him to come back, I enjoy having sex with him, and love it when he goes down on me. But for now, Iit is time to write a new entry on my blog, no need to keep my followers waiting.


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