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The next day

“What’s this?” I asked myself, when the next day after my wedding I woke up all alone in bed. I could feel long hair touching my right shoulder. I was wearing nothing but my wife’s nightgown. “Wait was that my voice?” I said outloud, realizing I had her voice. I felt an emptyness downthere, and worst of all, it fell sore. Read more

The blog

My days were quite boring. All I did was work, and watch tv. One day, I decided to create a blog, maybe about videogames, I don’t know, something that I used to like doing before I had so much work. I was about to name my blog “John’s Blog”, but I thought “that’s not fun”. So I wrote “Amy’s Blog of Sex”. At least in my written fantasies, I would write about Amy having sex with me. Amy didn’t exist, she was just my fantasy girl. Read more