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My friend

To think he was against it, and now look at him, a girl eager to please a man. “Fuck my brains out” she yelled. I continued thrusting in and out, she was moaning like the crazy whore she now was. Read more


I’ve been a werewoman for several months now, ever since I slept with one and inherited the curse. Every month on the fool moon I go through a painful transformation wherein not only my body shifts and melts into a woman’s, but my mind does too. On those nights I’m not Kevin the office intern trying to get a job, but rather Kelly the party slut. I usually don’t remember much of what I do when I’m Kelly, only that I am guy-crazy. More than once I’ve had to sneak out of a guys apartment in the morning after I changed back. Read more

The blog

My days were quite boring. All I did was work, and watch tv. One day, I decided to create a blog, maybe about videogames, I don’t know, something that I used to like doing before I had so much work. I was about to name my blog “John’s Blog”, but I thought “that’s not fun”. So I wrote “Amy’s Blog of Sex”. At least in my written fantasies, I would write about Amy having sex with me. Amy didn’t exist, she was just my fantasy girl. Read more