Not as bad as I imagined..

Melanie was annoyed with her father when he told her that she was going to marry Lucas the son of one of his business colleagues to save him from ruin and disgrace.

She thought it was unfair just because she was a woman that she had no say in who she was going to marry whilst her lazy no good for nothing brother got to do anything he wanted just because he was a man.

But that’s the way it always had been throughout her life she had to help her mother in the kitchen and around the house whilst her brother got to play football and have a fun time with his friends.

So with the help of a gypsy and £5,000 of her dad’s money which she took without him knowing she bought a potion from the Gypsy who promised her if she drank it all in one the night before her wedding that in the morning she would be free of all her obligations.

She followed the Gypsies instructions to the letter and downed the foul tasting potion which almost made her sick and fell into a restless night sleep and was awoken the next morning in her brother’s bedroom and in his body by her own body shaking her which now had her brother trapped inside.

She played ignorant about what had happened & pretending that she had no idea how they switch there bodies enjoying seeing him panic for the first time in his life as she promised him after the wedding that they would try and sort out what had happened to them.

She knew there was no way of him backing out of her wedding or obligations to the family.

She helped him get ready for the wedding making him look like the perfect bride which he did not enjoy one bit.

She loved watching him being walked down the aisle by their father.

She love the fact that he was the one who had to say I do & kiss his new husband.

She loved the fact that he was miserable at the wedding do even though he was doing his best to pretend to be his sister.

She loved the look of Horror and panic that came across his face when it was time for the new couple to retire to the honeymoon suite and consummate the marriage.

As Michael sat on the bed in his wedding dress nervous alone in the honeymoon suite in his sister’s body now married to a man who expected him to put out and show him love and affection.

He was nervous at the idea of spreading his legs & letting a man penetrate him whilst he was still trapped in his sister’s body.

But he was pleasantly surprised when Lucas got on his knees and stuck his hands up his wedding dress & gently removed his knickers before shoving his head up there and started licking and nibbling at his clitoris which made him forget all his worries and cares for the moment as he was lost in a rapturous sea of female hormones surprised at how sensitive a little clitoris could be no longer worrying about being in his sister’s body or the things that he would have to perform tonight as a blushing bride.


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