Teenage boys’ love of boobs

Kyle was 17 years old and totally obsessed with his MILF neighbor Ms. Fredrick. Well MILF wasn’t right since she had no kids, but Ms. Fredrick was in her mid to late thirties, curvy, and hot. She liked to sunbathe in her backyard and from his room Kyle had jerked off to her many times, staring at her big boobies. Sometimes he’d be mowing the backyard and catch her staring at him, or she’d catch him doing the same. He always fantasized a day might come when they’d get closer.

When she asked him to come in one summer day to help move a mattress, Brandon immediately knew something was up. She hadn’t had a mattress delivered and she lived in a tiny one bedroom ranch house. His parents weren’t home, something she no doubt knew as well since their car was missing. Imagining today was the day he headed inside after her, trying to keep his cool.

When there wasn’t a mattress to move, he got really excited. When she smiled at him and undid her top, letting her gorgeous boobs free, he almost creamed his pants.

“I know you want me. I know you want these. Let’s play a game. Total luck. You pick a boob and suck on it. If you pick right, I’ll touch your privates. If you pick wrong, I get to pick what I do to you.” She said and smiled crassly.

Kyle didn’t know how to say no to something like that. HE stepped forward and bent down, cupping one of her breasts and putting his lips around it. He started to suck on it and to his surprise milk squirted into his mouth. It was a surprise, but he wasn’t sure if that was natural or not. Ms. Fredrick moaned and told him to keep sucking though, so he did. He was fondling her boobs and sucking on them, it was awesome!

Finally she pushed him away and smiled, “You picked wrong, as you can see.” She said and Kyle gasped and looked down at himself. He had a pair of boobs of his own!

“What the-” He gasped in a high pitched voice.

“Want to play again? Same stakes as before?” She replied.

“Y-you’re a witch!” Kyle shouted. He’d heard about them. Everyone had. Ever since they’d appeared thirty years ago. To imagine that his neighbor was one of them…

“Sure am. You want to play again or do you want to stay a girl? Don’t worry, I promise I’ll take care of you.” She asked.

“I-” Kyle paused and looked at her breasts. They were still amazing, and he really did want to play with them more. “Fine.” He said and bent down again. He moved his head from one breast to the other before finally deciding. She put her hand on the back of his head and he looked up at her over her massive boobs as he moved his head forward and began to suck. Milk filled his mouth again and he swallowed and closed his eyes. They really were awesome boobs. To him there was nothing but sucking on it and touching it, they were the whole world to him. This wasn’t such a weird way for a teenage boy to view boobs.

Until suddenly he felt two massive hands on his body and his belly felt full. He opened his eyes as he felt the boob pull away from him and he looked up at the massive looking Ms. Fredrick smiling at him.

“I always wanted a daughter.” She said and lifted him over her shoulder patting him on the back. He tried to speak, but all that came out was an incoherent babble.

“Sorry to trick you, but you seemed like such a nice young man, and a teenage boy who runs away from home and vanishes won’t draw too much attention as a cover.

Kyle blinked and gurgled.

“Oh don’t worry. I promise I’ll be a great mommy! And I know you loved boobs, well you can suck on these until you grow your own for all I care.”

Kyle started to cry.

“Shh shh shh! Don’t cry! Would you feel better if I told you you’d be a witch when you grew up?” Ms. Fredrick said and Kyle’s crying stopped. That was something to think about after all…

“Yes a great and powerful witch.” She cooed and pressed `Kylie’ against her breast again and she started to suckle again. It was a lie of course, but it did seem to calm Kylie down. She’d have to tell her new daughter the truth someday, but that wouldn’t be for twenty years or more. Plenty of time to get all the mothering she wanted to in, and if she played her cards right, maybe some grandmothering too down the line.


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