Jack stood in the girls toilets washing his hands trying to ignore the taunts and name-calling coming from the other girls.

It was not his fault the great shift swapped him into his sister’s body.

He could not understand what there problem was just because he was not born a girl but became one because of a freak event did not make it his fault that he had to use the girls facilities.

It wasn’t like he was using the bathroom to perv on them if he want to see an incredible pair of he could look at his own at home even though he had not come to terms that for the rest of his life he would be seen his sister’s body naked every morning.

As he walked past Jessica Thomas the biggest bully in school not giving her the satisfaction of getting him angry as he had more important things to worry about that day like why was he feeling bloated and getting these terrible cramps as he headed off to look for his sister for some advice.


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