Unseen rollercoaster

Jason rubbed his wife’s belly as she rode his cock up and down. They hadn’t fucked in this position in a long time, and Jason had to admit she was a lot heavier now. Still it felt good, and she was clearly enjoying herself, so Jason was glad for that.

It had been a rocky ride since she got pregnant. At first she was thrilled, but then a couple weeks later she came home from work in a huff and wouldn’t tell him what was wrong. She was all cold and distant and refused to let him touch her. Then she started to get depressed and he really started to worry. She complained nonstop about the morning sickness and how she `didn’t sign up for this’, and he was really worried. She’d always said she wanted a big family, and it didn’t sound like her at all. He tried to talk her down. He kept his cool and was patient and supportive, always telling her he loved her. They hadn’t had sex or even kissed since she started acting out and he really thought it would help. It had always calmed her down before, but now she refused, always making up weird excuses about being pregnant and that being weird. Finally he convinced her to let him go down on her. He knew her body like the back of his own hand and drove her wild with his tongue, thrilled to hear her cum again and again until finally she begged him to stop. He kissed her after that and she was still a little weird about it. He told her he loved her and she awkwardly parroted the words back and rolled away from him. Jason was really worried after that, but then woke up to find her arms wrapped around him.

Thing started to improve after that for awhile. She let him go down on her a few more times at his prompting, and eventually started asking for it herself. She’d complain that her clothes didn’t fit and start to get depressed again, complaining about going shopping for maternity wear. Jason comforted her and offered to go with her and help. Her boobs were definitely a lot bigger now, something he’d only been able to enjoy from afar. He picked out some sexy items for her, but realized the problem when she actually started wearing them. It drove him wild, but she wouldn’t let him touch her other than their now regular cunnilingus sessions. One night it got to be too much for him, finger fucking her and watching her tits jiggle. He stopped and pleaded with her, begging her for sex. She rolled her eyes and agreed reluctantly. When he shoved his dick in her she gasped like she’d never been fucked before. She lay there limp for awhile, but he managed to coax her and soon she was into it. She came and he blew his load into her already full belly and they fell asleep spooning for the first time in months. He rubbed her little belly bump and told her he loved her, but this time she didn’t respond. He thought she might have already gone to sleep and didn’t pry.

Things were better after that for a pretty long while. Life sort of returned to normal. Well their sex lives anyways. She even started giving him head occasionally. The first time was after a round of fucking. She blamed her pregnancy hormones and said she wanted to go again. Jason told her he’d love to oblige, but he was spent and needed time to recover. She had smirked and said she knew what guys needed to recover and had slinked down and started blowing him! She was a little clumsy and out of practice, but then she’d never been that into blow jobs in the first place. Now she started giving head mostly as a way to get him hard again. He thought she was happy, though maybe a little addled by all the changes going on in her body. She asked him to blow his load in her mouth once, something she’d stalwartly refused to let him do before. She smiled at him afterwards with a smile he hadn’t seen since they’d first started dating, saying now she knew how to reward him when he was a good boy.

Then as she got bigger and bigger she started to slip back in to depression. Worse than before. He thought it was because she was getting big and he told her over and over again how beautiful she was. All this seemed to do was make her cry, and he’d hold her until she stopped. She started saying she would be a horrible mother and he did his damnest to dispel those doubts. He told her they’d be great parents, together. They’d try and make up for each others faults. That’s what being married was all about. She’d cried a lot after that, and for the first time in months when she responded to his declaration of love with the same, he believed her. Then she started crying and talking about losing the baby, losing him, going back to the way things were and Jason just held her and promised it would be all right, and no one was going anywhere.

She stayed in that gloom for a pretty long time. Then she suddenly came home on her last day before her maternity leave started with a smile. She said her coworker Marcus had knocked up his girlfriend, who he’d been dating for six months. Jason didn’t really know Marcus very well, he seemed like a nice enough guy though. He didn’t know his wife and Marcus were so close. That crazy lab they worked at made strange friends he guessed. She told Jason that Marcus said he was getting married and that he’d decided to give up his old life. Jason assumed he meant the life of a bachelor and smiled, agreeing he was happy for Marcus. Then his wife came over and kissed him, saying she’d never wanted him more in her life. Saying he was truly hers now. Jason laughed and said he’d been hers since their first date.

Jason really hopes this latest bout of euphoria really lasts. She really seemed to be happy and enjoying herself. He rubbed her belly and told her he loved it. She moaned and said she wanted to do this again and again. She wanted to have as many of his babies as she could. Then she told him she loved him more than anyone in the world.

Jason just smiled and told her he felt the same. Life was good.


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