Taking advantage – Part Two

Fuck I must have been exhausted from last night. What was it? Five days of fucking Hannah, my highly obedient sexpot. I felt on top of the world.
I groggily opened my eyes. It was so cold so I must be naked, nothing unusual from the rest of the week. I also felt drained, weaker somehow but that can be the marathon sex sessions finally taking its toll. I might cut down on the penetrating sex and have her blow me instead. I reached down to my cock and was about to play a little with myself before calling in Hannah to take care of me, but the only thing I could find was a void.
My blood rushed inside of me and I was in an instant wide awake and immediately found out why my dick was gone.
I had become a chick!
Fuck. How? The medallion. Of course. The medallion. There could be only one culprit.
“HANNAAAAAAH!”, I shouted from the top of my lungs.

She was inside my room within seconds and gave me a bright smile. “Good morning, sleepyhead!”

“Hannah. What have you done?”

She looked puzzled for a second. “But I only did what you told me to? To give you good orgasms. You know, somehow I know that I have better orgasms than you and I wanted to let you experience it as well”, she said as she nuzzled up to my naked female body and began to caress me.
“Stop it. Not now! Change me back instead”, I said irritated.
“Oh, ok”. Hannah said slightly defeated and went after the medallion and a piece of my clothing. She touched it to me but nothing happened. “Strange. You should have changed back when I touched you”.
“I`m stuck like this?” I asked in fear.
“Don´t think so. Don´t know why but I think it might need to recharge or something”.
I sighed. “We´ll try it later in the evening then.

The day proceeded almost like an ordinary day. I watched TV and I made Hannah fix us some food.
I was dressed in ill-fitting clothes that was too big for me but it was better than nothing. It itched though so I decided to see if I could dig out something even more comfortable from my closet.
I wasn´t prepared when Hannah snuck up behind me when I was stark naked and wrestled me down on the bed, kissing me furiosly on the mouth and groping me everywhere. I could barely get air.
Her hands was all over my body, caressing, touching, fondling. Her hand moved down to my sex and begun massaging it with vigour. That feeling. It sent electric tendrils outwards from my…pussy.
I made a muffled moan during her kissing to which she stopped her mouth to mouth and asked me if I liked it.
“Don´t stop”, I ordered her.
She began kissing my breasts and with a feathery touch caress my inner thighs. My body was on fire!
For an hour she kept me itching closer and closer to an orgasm but did never push me across thre crest. She wanted me to come there slowly and with the full experience.
She made me yearn for it so much, I felt like an tea kettle that came closer and closer to the boiling point, wanting the final release.
Then it hit me. The big O. All energies that had been collected at my sex was released into my body. Tendrils of electricity arced their way everywhere and made my body limp. My pussy literally vibrated from pleasure and I was seeing stars dancing in front of my eyes. The waves of blissful pleasure rolled through my body for almost twenty seconds but for me it felt like an eternity.

The sweet release had made me utterly powerless and out of energy as I was laying in the bed panting.
“You like?” Hannah´s head popped up next to mine.
I could only nod yes in reply.
“I told you it was better”, she said with a sly grin, “And just you wait until we start with dildos!”
My stomach fluttered a little at that thought, but at the same time I thought: How the heck did this happen?”


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