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Genie Series #56. @TGfanben

Ashley had just finished applying makeup to herself with such ease, that no one would believe just a few days ago she wasn’t a woman. Today she will be filming her first movie. And after her debut as a porn actress, she will surely be successfull and well known all over the country. Read more

Taking Advantage – Part One

“Are you sure you want to go through with this?”, Clyde asked his friend, and now girl, Liam who was standing in front of him. Hadn´t he seen it himself in person when Liam changed from his male visage to this female form with the help of an strange medallion he hadn´t believed that the woman in front of him in fact was his friend. Read more

Taking advantage – Part Two

Fuck I must have been exhausted from last night. What was it? Five days of fucking Hannah, my highly obedient sexpot. I felt on top of the world.
I groggily opened my eyes. It was so cold so I must be naked, nothing unusual from the rest of the week. I also felt drained, weaker somehow but that can be the marathon sex sessions finally taking its toll. I might cut down on the penetrating sex and have her blow me instead. I reached down to my cock and was about to play a little with myself before calling in Hannah to take care of me, but the only thing I could find was a void.
My blood rushed inside of me and I was in an instant wide awake and immediately found out why my dick was gone.
I had become a chick!
Fuck. How? The medallion. Of course. The medallion. There could be only one culprit.
“HANNAAAAAAH!”, I shouted from the top of my lungs. Read more

Best part of the new life

My six month anniversary of my rebirth was closing in. In just a couple of days I will have been a female for 183 days.The girl and I had just traded lives, fair and square, and when snooping around on facebook she…he seemed to enjoy the life as a guy much more than I did. I´m happy as well, the body and life I got in the exchange have lived up to my every expectation. It can be easy sometimes to forget that this isn´t the body you were born with. I´m shorter but I got used to it. Weaker muscles, but I manage to come by. If not, guys often are willing to help. If only they knew of transparent it was of them to help me out but I´m thankful nevertheless. The periods was a nightmare in the beginning. All those questions about How, Why and AAARGH! kept testing my temper. Apparently I´m a bitch during my period. Good thing I`ve learned to read the signs of my body and calm myself when needed. The life long dream I had of wearing dresses all day had been fulfilled. They fit me like a glove and accentuate my every curve. I know I look good in them. What I want to point out is that I have acclimatized to my body so much that I doesn´t think twice anymore when doing things. Except one thing. For me they define my femininity, the very being of whom I want to be. I like my hourglass figure. I like my female genitalia. But nothing screams woman to me as a pair of well-formed breasts. They are always there as a heavy reminder to me of whom I now am. Often they are neatly stored inside of a bra, at other times I let them hang free just to feel the pull. You could have great fun playing around with them. Did you know that some girls can get an orgasm just by breast stimulation? It´s true, but sadly I am not one of them. Believe me, I´ve tried. Oil them, rub them, massage them, place an tiny ice cube on your nipple and just let it melt. Let the cool breeze of the wind grace your being. And you can dress up in literally anything and still look good.

I´m happy with my life, much more content. In the past I didn´t let anyone in close to me but nowdays I even have got a boyfriend.
And it even feels better and more exciting when he plays around with my two girls.